Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen Volume II: What Makes Me Smile

I started this last week with 13 things that make me smile and couldn't believe that when I got to 13, I still had more running through my mind.

How about 13 more?

1. Playing piano just for me

2. Watching my hubby cradle the little dog in his big arms

3. Our first three day stretch ever with no dog poop or pee in the house (I think)

4. Knowing that WHATEVER grade or school Aaron starts next week, he's excited to learn

5. Super hot scalding baths

6. Chocolate and caramel combined in anything

7. Noah taking initiative to help anyone with something

8. Falling asleep in bed (not the couch) and sleeping through the night

9. That it gets darker earlier

10. That it's going to get cooler this weekend, truly making it feel like fall

11. Reading a bible passage during devotions that makes Steve or me remember a song we like (Last night it was On Eagle's Wings)

12. Talking to family members on the phone when we haven't spoken in awhile, even if I have to get off to go to work.

13. Finding extremely good deals on school clothes

These are so incredibly random, I'll have to keep going next week :)

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