Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Personal Blog Rules Re-Visited

So the past 48 hours have been insane. But as I sit here re-reading the posts I've written and all of the FB chatter, I realize that I kind of broke my own rule. Three years ago, when Noah was in kindergarten and really struggling, I vowed to no longer air all of his trials on school on the blog. And I was really good about it for the past few years.

I realized in the past few minutes that I have not extended that same courtesy to Aaron. His struggles are and will be completely different, but they are still HIS struggles that we need to deal with and I shouldn't be airing them out for the world to hear.

Yes, it means that some of my worries have to be in silent. But that's okay. Some of the posting I've done about these situations with school have been for my own benefit, to get things sorted out in my own brain.

But I don't think it's a good idea to continue and I need to revisit the rules I set forth several years ago on my old blog.

1. Protect identities and private matters of those people who I know personally
This I have done well with. Ever since I accidentally hurt someone important to me years ago with a picture, I have no longer posted pictures or names (other than a first initial) of anyone who has not given me specific permission to do so

2. Protect personal matters of blog friends
I enjoy reading others and sharing with them my thoughts if I feel they will help another friend in the blogosphere. But I do not repeat what I read in other people's blogs here, unless otherwise given permission.

3. Protect Marriage Struggles
Not that our disagreements are major, but every couple has them and I have always made an effort to not air grievances about my hubby. He loves us too much and he deserves the respect of others, even when I'm mad at him :)

4. Protect private matters of my children
Here is my FAILURE! In trying to sort out things in my own mind, I have shared too much of my struggles with my children. I like to write out my stresses and work them out, but I fear that I have sacrificed my children's privacy. Also, I know that family members who read the things I post are left to wonder about more information and it just makes things hard. So I vow from this day forward to do a better job of protecting the kids private matters.

I know there are others but I am drawing a blank on other ones, but these are the biggest. Our struggles with this school year I am quite sure are not over, but I will try to be more careful about how much I divulge if it is DIRECTLY about the boys.

PS. This goes for FB as well. I had already been a little more careful about facebook because my in-laws friended me and I didn't have a chance but to accept. But even there, being cryptic just makes people upset too, so I will be more careful all around the internet world.

Will I be completely successful? Probably not. But I am going to try.

I assume there will still be plenty to share. After all, I am a mom.

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The Bumbles said...

I follow many of the same personal posting rules that you do. Except I don't share photos of people's direct faces at all - unless it is a baby who no one would ever be able to identify directly.

Basically, the way I look at it is this - I only post personal details that I wouldn't mind friends, family and co-workers reading. I don't ever want to take back something that was hurtful - unintentional or otherwise.

I see the value in working out issues in your blog or in personal writing - but I also understand your desire to protect privacy. It is a tough balance to achieve sometimes.