Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer's Here Again

Here we go. Another summer vacation is here. Noah just finished 6th grade and Aaron just finished 4th. My blogging life began when Noah was in KINDERGARTEN. Crazy, right?

I tried hard last summer to try to document our summer adventures, given that we have more down time and more interesting things have potential to occur.  And as some things change, some things NEVER do.

What hasn't changed, we have yet ANOTHER summer with no money, given that a nine month school year paycheck leaves no income in the summer. Oh yes, we tried very hard to save this year for the summer.  However, it seemed that every time we saved a small chunk, something happened, such as car repairs, clothes kids needed, me going back to school and needed tuition, etc. We managed to save enough to purchase a gift card for $100 of food each week through the middle of August.  We may not go on many adventures, but at least we will eat.

I will attempt to do a school year recap for the boys later this week. But looking ahead to the summer, we do have a few momentous occasions coming up. Steve's big trip to Vegas with Majestyx, my attempt (still not sure if it will happen) at a first 10K in Chicago, and the boys both have some new experiences ahead of them as well.

I enjoyed going back to glance at my attempts to recount our summer adventures last summer, even though they petered out. I will try to keep it through this whole summer. Some things that were good to read was the accounts of Aaron's behavior and gives me a better idea of how to approach his issues this summer.

Summer Vacation 2014, here we go...

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