Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break 2014

So four months since my last post. I guess it's safe to say my blogging days are pretty much a thing of the past. But I still think it is nice to post some memories for the future.

Spring Break so far has been pretty nice. I had a rough last week and I definitely needed a break from my class and definitely teaching "partner". Major burnout had set in.
Here is a recap of the Break so far...

Friday Day One
Rainy and cold. I was determined to sleep in until noon. However, 11 year old Noah called up to my bedroom at about 9:15 asking, "Mom, are you coming down anytime soon?" When I asked him why he responded that he had made breakfast and it was getting cold. Sure enough, I cam e downstairs and he had the table set for four (even though Steve was at work( and at my place was a cold piece of toast with peanut  butter on it and a glass of orange juice. It was so sweet of him that I ate that toast as if it were the best prize I'd ever received.  Later that day, I drove the boys to M89 theater and we saw the movie Mr. Peabody. It was very funny. When we got home, I got a very cold and windy 3 mile run in.

Saturday Day Two
We were invited to a breakfast play date with the Wests and Roossiens by Cyndee West. We stayed until around noon when we came home and putzed around the house the rest of the day. A pretty nice relaxing day though.

Sunday Day Three
Beautiful sunny day. After church we stayed outside most of the day. I got a 4.2 mile run in and lots of yard work, Aaron's bike broke so we will have to figure that out before the summer gets underway.

Headed off to Detroit for a quick overnight adventure tomorrow.

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