Sunday, June 8, 2014

First Weekend of Summer Vacay: New Family and New Skill

School got out on Thursday last week. For the first time ever it was a half day, which left us an afternoon to hang out.

While net surfing Thursday night, I found an ad that changed the course of our summer.  Noah has been begging for a kitten forever and we finally figured it was time to let him have one for his birthday in July. We had been panicking about how to buy him a birthday present this summer, given that any extra we have is going toward Steve's trip to Vegas and I have no income, despite applying for probably 50 jobs for the summer.

So when I saw an ad from the Humane Society offering a "Name Your Own Price" for kittens, I knew what our Friday morning adventure would be. I surprised the boys and took them to the Humane Society right when they opened.. After awhile of meeting a kitten, Noah had picked out his new best friend, named her Misty, and we were on our way home. Most of the rest of the weekend was spent figuring out how we were going to do with  three pets in our house ( I'm still not thrilled, but it's too late now).

Saturday Steve was gone for a barbershop event and after a MAJOR car clean out, I took Aaron over to the funeral home parking lot so he could share his new skill. He had become a rip stick master over the past three days. He is proud, confident, and brave when riding that thing, which are not his usual character traits so it has been a huge blessing to watch him.. I will put a picture on here later after downloading them, just so I have it in  the future when I look back.  

Sunday Steve was still gone in the morning so we just hung out but also managed to get the two cats to a point where they can be in the same room without stressing too much and we have confidence now that this household will at some point run smoothly, even with WAY too many animals in the home. I also took Noah out to practice bike riding to the library, where he will be volunteering two hours a week this summer.

Sunday ended with a cookout, complete with backyard bonfire and Noah getting a chance to burn his notes from his sixth grade science class.

It;'s safe to say that it looks like it's gong to be a good summer.

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