Thursday, June 12, 2014

First Week of Break

This week has been spent mostly getting the new kitten settled within the home and getting the animals to be able to coexist in the same room without stress. Although Minnie Cat isn't BFFs with the kitten, she tolerates her fine and the household is calm.

Monday was uneventful, which was nice. Tuesday morning I took the boys to grandma's for a day swimming with their cousins. Then I took myself out for lunch and relaxed for the afternoon. While I was teaching I got a  text from Grandma asking if the boys could spend the night which was fine.

Wednesday, Grandma brought Noah home and took Aaron with her and the twins to the children's museum. I took Noah to his first day of volunteering, which was interesting.  You could tell he was nervous by the way he hunched and kept his fingers in his pockets but I knew he'd be fine. Things got a little more stressful when he got his teen crew tee shirt and it was (in his opinion) too big so he flat out refused to wear it.  I took it home and shrunk it for Thursday's events.    Wednesday night was also the first night we let the kitten sleep in Noah's room, which went well so we will continue to go with it.

Thursday afternoon, Noah once again is at the library volunteering, this time running a carnival game as a library event for young children.  And yes, he IS wearing his teen crew shirt.

The house is quite clean, given that we have created a new system for chores getting done, and a points based behavior chart that is continually being revised as needed.  Aaron is having a few issues, but wow has he improved since we put this new system in place.

As for me, I have spent some time this week finishing the two shutterfly books from 2012, got one good and two bad runs in, and have started working on my niece's afghan for her birthday (or Christmas if I don't finish it).

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