Monday, June 16, 2014

fathers Day Weekend

Friday Steve had to go to a send off in Windsor for the quartet so we were home for the evening. I took the boys to the video store to get their free movies for all of the A's they got on their final report card.

On Saturday Steve was gone again for the day but at least we had the car. We went to the mall for new shorts (battle galore about trying them on) and then got Aaron's hair cut. That evening we went to Steve's chorus concert as the sendoff to Vegas. The concert was actually very good although I felt sick (stomach and headache) the entire night.

Sunday was Father's Day. It was interesting because it started out with everyone in our household really  angry and grumpy and not looking good at all.  By the time we were on our way to church, no one was feeling very "churchy" and I was pretty worried about the day.  The only things to say is that God worked in our hearts during that church service and the day did completely turn around. After church we came home briefly and then headed out to a fun lunch out at Red Robin, followed by a trip down to M89 Cinema to watch How To Train a Dragon 2. It was a fun movie that every one really enjoyed.

After we came home I had to conquer the thing that had been hanging over my head for two first five mile run. I reported about it on my running app.

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