Monday, June 23, 2014

A Week Gone By

So it's been a week and I can't even remember what we did with it. Last week, Aaron participated in KidsGames playing soccer. Even though he loves playing soccer, he didn't have a great time since the other kids were mean. I am so sick of kids being mean to other kids. Why aren't ALL parents teaching their kids to treat others nicely?

Meanwhile, Noah had two jobs at the library...his regular Wednesday afternoon shift as well as a stint helping out at a library function for kids.

Aaron went with Steve to his first barbershop chorus rehearsal and had a blast.

I painted the front door red but now I am even more disgusted by the gross shutters and wishing I cold paint those too.

Uneventful weekend once again...kind of hard to do anything with limited funds.

Concern for the week is that Misty is not gaining weight. I think she may need deworming but I'm not sure how much that will cost.

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