Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eventful Day

So after having a pretty uneventful summer so far, today was definitely a busy day...but not necessarily in a happy way.

Way back in March, I took advantage of our tax refund and signed Noah up for an art class with a well known comic artist, Mark Kistler, who was going to be in Grand Rapids this week.  As Noah is always trying to get out of trying anything new, he was of course trying to get out of going to this class.  We got   there early and were told that we were expected to stay for te entire class, which meant that Aaron sat in on the class as well. In addition a friend of Noah's from church, Alex, came in and joined the class as well which put Noah at ease.  The class was entertaining and nobody is complaining about returning on Tuesday.

When we got home is when the busyness of the day began. We hit McD's for lunch and when we got home I started worrying even more about Misty kitten. Then Noah reported that she had a drop of red in her diarrhea so I decided that even though we are out of funds, we would have to borrow from Steve's Vegas account and take her to the vet.

The vet appointment was emotional and worrisome abut it was good that we went. The vet isn't really sure at this point what is causing her failure to gain weight but she gave us an antibiotic, dewormer, and also some suggestions about how to get her to eat more. She teared up when I did at the prospect of Misty leaving us so soon.

When I got home, I contacted the Humane Society to find out how Misty's litter mates were doing. After several emails back, I heard from the foster mom of other kittens in the litter and found out that all of them were affected by the same malady.  It gave me hope that we could turn the tide on Misty's health. So we got the kitten food back out that Misty was refusing to eat, mixed it with the wet food she liked, and she demolished it.  Tuesday morning, she woke with more energy tan she had had and ate with much gusto. We will continue to give her the antibiotic and pray that when we go back for a recheck on Friday, we will have good results.

That night Aaron went to his second barbershop practice and had a wonderful time, not getting to bed until way past 10:00. Not sure if this is going to fly when school starts but for summer it will be fine.  I had my second yoga class and got extremely sick to my stomach again. I think it's he smell of the yoga mat so I will wash it well before next week's class.

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