Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Top Five 12/5/11

Whew...the start to December came in with a blast this weekend. I have to say we have had a memorable start to the holiday season.

5. Cutting Down the Tree
This is our third year of cutting down our own Christmas tree. Rather than a cold snowy day for tree hunting, it dawned with rain...and a lot of it. After some discussion, we realized there would really be no other time to go so we decided to head out in the rain. Crazily enough, the rain stopped as we arrived at the tiny family farm we tried out this year. We drove out, picked out our tree, loaded it up and just as they were bundling it up for us, the skies opened and it started pouring. It worked out just right for us. Steve told me on the way home that he had never cut down a real tree before we started this tradition two years ago. I love this "newish" tradition and can't imagine it stopping anytime soon.

4. Christmas Cards
Yes, this seems pretty silly as a bullet. But considering the last two years it was something I never quite got around to, I am quite pleased with myself. Since the boys had to be to church early Sunday morning before their performances, I ordered some cards from Walgreens with this picture from the tree farm, brought them along and got them all done while waiting for church to start. Let's hear it multi-tasking! :)

3. Angel Alert!
The musical went really well.. The first service was WAY better than the second, given that the kids were all tired and had been been there for hours by the time the second performance was over. Aaron got to be a Wise Man's helper and carry a huge banner. Noah was a Shepherd and provided the slapstick comedy to the performance. Right up his alley, right? So they had a great time and I was very proud. I am hoping that they both are willing to try out for bigger parts during the next performance but as long as they have fun and are positive about it, I won't push very hard.

2. Decorating the Tree
Steve had to go sing Sunday afternoon so I decided to pull out the ornaments and decorate the tree. In past years, the kids have usually complained about helping so this year I didn't even offer. The funny thing was, since I didn't offer, the boys were extremely interested and we had such a fun time. Noah took his job of making the colors spread out very seriously and Aaron had fun with all of the "special" ornaments asking stories about them. We put it in a different place this year and I love our living room this way. If only I could put presents underneath without a cat of dog tearing them open. Oh well!

1. FIRE!
So having gotten everybody calm and in bed ready for the school/work week, I was just finishing singing to Noah when there was a constant loud banging on our side door. Our neighbor had a fire in his house and we had to get our children out and the cars out of our shared driveway. The kids went to our neighbors while firefighters handled the fire and it was over in about two hours. But having had a very strong fear of fire my entire life, I am still a bit freaked about it. Way too close for comfort. I am praying for my neighbors as they decide whether they are going to fully rebuild or not. Aaron was a bit nervous so as I was bringing them back home, I had the fire chief talk to the boys and he felt better. I did too.

So the weekend was definitely memorable. Noah starts basketball this week and the kids have their school Christmas concert as well. Still no snow. Michigan Christmas without snow just doesn't work so the atmosphere better start churning soon.

Have a great week!

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