Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December Thursday Thirteen

December already? Yup!

Wow, what a year!

This month always seems like such a whirlwind that I always need to remind myself to slow down and take it a day at a time. I sat down with the December calendar to plot it out since there is always so much going on.

There's a lot coming up in the next couple of weeks leading up to the "Big Day". Christmas shopping is done for the most part, including wrapping, which usually isn't even touched until the week before Christmas. Tree isn't up and I no longer have a day off from work during the week, due to teacher problems at work. Yeah, I got a total of two weeks with a day off before I had to go back to every day again. So getting things done is even more difficult than I anticipated. The funny thing is, I'm really not too stressed about it all. I'm not sure why, but instead I am actually feeling pretty calm heading into the busiest time of year.

13 Things coming up:

13. Kids' Church musical practice Saturday. It will be fun to see it all put together for the first time.

12. Chopping down the Christmas tree Saturday afternoon. It will be weird doing it with no snow on the ground but at least we'll be able to get a good look at all of them before freezing our fingers off this year.

11. Angel Alert! Musical performance at church on Sunday. This will be the first time either of the boys have been part of a production like this. I hope they have fun and want to do it again.

10. Noah's first basketball practice is next Wednesday. I really hope the enthusiasm he has at this moment continues.

9. Aaron's speech assessment will come back before Christmas Break and we'll be forced to make a decision on what we will do regarding him being "labeled" as a special education child

8. School Concert next kid playing the recorder, the other the kazoo. My ears are ringing already.

7. Scholastic Warehouse Christmas shopping items will then be complete

6. Family Christmas celebration...I love this big family of mine!

5. Only two more weeks of work until I get a break...woo hoo!

4. Symphony Holiday Pops...4 nights in a row of concerts. I love the music this's all carols and two songs from the movie Home Alone. And it looks like I'll be healthy enough to actually enjoy performing for them this year. Icing on the parents coming to the performance on Sunday afternoon.

3. Noah's tonsillectomy 5 days before Christmas...a little pain will pay off in a lifetime of better health than his mommy has had. We're all hoping he will be feeling better by Christmas

2. Our 15th Wedding anniversary..are we really that old????

1. Christmas Eve Church Service...going at 2PM this year so we have the entire evening to enjoy as a family...provided Noah is feeling okay.

Such a fun time of year. I should totally be stressed. Maybe I will be tomorrow.

But not tonight.

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