Monday, October 10, 2011

A Wonderful Nothing Weekend

The title pretty much sums up our weekend. Fall is always such a busy time for us that we were surprised when we headed into last weekend without a single plan.

The boys were wonderful enough to let me sleep in a little on Saturday morning so I was in a pretty happy mood when I got up around 8:30. After some reminders that rooms had to be cleaned on Saturday, we headed out to run some Saturday morning errands.

First stop was the craft tables at Lowe's. They have crafts approximately twice a month and the boys enjoy them because they get to do all of the construction themselves. It was pretty funny because during the one last month Noah decided to forgo the directions and ended up having to take it apart and start over. This time, he read the directions thoroughly before he started and stuck to the directions completely. I love it when he learns things that way and actually follows through on them.

Afterward, we headed over to the party store to see if we could find an inexpensive costume for that evening's pumpkin path sponsored by our city. It's kind of like a trick or treat through the park deal. We didn't find anything reasonable and left without a purchase. And strangely enough, the boys were absolutely fine with it.

As the day rolled along, it was beautiful, hot, and sunny all day, unusual for an October afternoon and we stayed outside playing most of the day. The boys discovered treasures that had been left untouched most of the summer (roller blades, scooters, etc) and they decided to continue to play instead of even going to the pumpkin walk, which brought relief to Steve and me. (We really don't need all that candy in the house anyway)

Sunday was yet another GORGEOUS day out and after we came home from church, we again settled in for a day of outside nothingness. Thanks to our neighbor selling her very large picnic table in her garage sale last week, we had a blast sitting out on the table, reading, coloring, and even doing Aaron's math review and Noah's spelling review for the week outside.

Steve and I also spent sometime working on resumes and other career related stuff. We are working to figure out a way to make our lives better for the future. A couple of quick prayers sent our way on that front would be awesome if you are so inclined.

At dinner Sunday night, Noah and Aaron both declared it a "GREAT WEEKEND". I asked them why and nobody could answer.

It was just a great weekend of being together doing nothing.

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Shana W. said...

I love week-ends where we do nothing! :o)