Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thoughts on a Cold Wednesday Night

It's cold outside...and wet. The perfect night to curl up in bed with a book. And that is exactly what I intend to do as soon as the boys get home from choir practice and I put them to bed.

It's been a rough week around the Wheelz Home. Noah has been sick for a week and doesn't seem to be wanting to break it any time soon. I've been sending him to school most days anyway just because I have to go to work...the guilt which is tearing me apart. My boss is gone and the new people we hired just quit so there is no one to take my place if I don't go. Talk about pressure :( I do think he's on the mend but it has been hard to see him under the weather for so long.

Meanwhile, little brother has luckily stayed healthy considering we are heading into his birthday weekend. I had a crazy run around for 48 hours trying to track down his birthday present since it has now been officially discontinued and it was hard to find a store still carrying them. We are also experiencing some Big Brother jealousy this time around which we have never had before.

Waiting to hear about job applications that were put out last week. That is kind of keeping the Wheelz Family on pins and needles a little as well.

And believe it or not...I started making a dent in Christmas shopping already. And kind of having fun with it. Knowing that funds are going to start dwindling soon when I drop hours (hopefully soon) is driving me to get started every time I see sales one the things that I want to get the boys for Christmas. You know what I think my dream job would be? Christmas shopping for rich people (with their money of course) who don't have the time to do it for themselves. It is so much fun to get things for people that you will make them happy and then I love the anticipation of their smiles when they open them. That job would be so much fun.

Big time on my mind...I got an email from Aaron's teacher today saying she referred him to the speech therapist in the school for further evaluation. I should be happy about this since I spent the years from when he was 2 until 5 trying desperately to get a referral and everyone kept telling me he was fine when I knew something wasn't right. Now, when I have finally let my guard down and believed that he really was the same as everyone else, I get this email about special services he may need. I should be happy. I know I should be happy that they want to give him some help, But actually, I am upset. And sad. And even a little angry. I think I need to sleep on this one and get a fresh perspective on it in the morning. And then be patient to wait to hear from the woman who is supposed to be calling. I wish I had known he was going to be referred BEFORE he got evaluated so it didn't seem like such a blind side.

SO those are my thoughts on this cold fall evening. Aaron's birthday and our annual extended family trip to the pumpkin patch will bring some much needed cheer and celebration this coming weekend. I hope that after we get through these next two days, we can truly just relax and enjoy the time this weekend letting go of all this stuff.

As a matter of fact, I'm counting on it.

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Kila said...

Came to catch up on you and your boys! Hope the sickness goes away and stays away!

Congrats on starting your holiday shopping. I like to do it all during the craziness of December, LOL.

I think it's great about the speech referral and evaluation. It can be so hard to get that. Be glad that this is being done for him. (My oldest was in speech therapy for several years.)