Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Fun

Another weekend over and a new week begins. It is a beautiful sunny afternoon outside and it makes me grateful for how gorgeous the weather was all weekend long. Thankfully...since we had outdoor activities planned the entire weekend, which is daring in October in Michigan.

Saturday was our annual cousin family trip to the pumpkin patch. We had smaller numbers this year than in past years, but we had a very fun time. Aaron has been talking about the zip line at this orchard since he went last time two years ago and was so excited to slide down it again. Noah was pretty much all over the place, as he was the entire weekend, but he had a good time. He has been wacky ever since he started a new medication that FINALLY worked (he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia last Thursday) so I am counting on him finally acting normal again after his last dose tonight. But I know he had fun running around being crazy so I won't deny him the happy memories. We came home with four cute little pumpkins that I am hoping that we get carved/painted some time before Halloween.

Saturday afternoon was spent getting ready for Aaron's birthday party with the cousins on Sunday. We managed to get the yard raked, mowed and cleaned up and ready for the festivities. I actually enjoy raking leaves and the clean look the yard has after it's finished.

Sunday dawned another beautiful day. Aaron asked for a pinata for his birthday party and we were so lucky that it was sunny and warm for the pinata activity outside. He picked out a cute spotted dinosaur and Steve hung it up and was ready for action. Aaron took three swings (although I think he could see from under the blindfold) and cleanly knocked the head right off the thing. Since the candy didn't come out, each child that wanted to took a shot at destroying the thing and kids wasted no time digging right into their candy loads. Aaron had a blast opening a pile of wonderful gifts, eating cake, and playing with his cousins. Although we stayed pretty low key this year, Noah told me later that night that it was the "perfect kind of party" that he wanted the same thing next year. Aaron went to bed smiling with his arms wrapped tightly around his two new Angry Birds stuffed animals.

The week ahead is a busy one. Aaron's actual birthday is tomorrow and I managed to find a teacher to cover some of my classes tomorrow morning so I can take treats up to Aaron's class. It will be the first time this school year that I have actually been able to be involved with anything at school so I am happy to have it. My BABY will be seven years old. I think that makes ME old too...

Heading out to enjoy one more beautiful afternoon:)

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