Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guess What They Want Now?

We made a quick trip to our favorite apple orchard a couple of weekends ago to pick some apples. We enjoy the slide that comes out of a barn that goes quite fast, petting the goats and seeing the cute tiny brand new baby goats, and in the past Noah's favorite part was the "kitty barn". The kitty barn is just that...a barn FULL of new born kittens that Noah has loved each time we've gone.

But this year...no kitty barn.

To which Noah was disappointed.


Yes, the pen filled with bunnies was an immediate hit!

Noah has always been fascinated about the stories of the pet bunny Steve and I had before the busy were born. We have a picture of our dutch rabbit sniffing a Newborn Noah right before we had to find a new home for her.

So the entire time we were at the orchard, Noah continued to return to the bunny pen. And pick up the same bunny over and over again.

He named it "Nibbles" since it was the one that kept eating his jacket. And Steve's jacket.

They were so sweet and soft that it did remind us that it was probably the best pet we've ever had.

But alas, Minnie Cat and Lily Pup are part of the Wheelz Family at this time.

But boy were those bunnies sweet!


Kila said...

LOL, my boys have had a pet bunny for over 2 years now. My youngest loves bunnies!

The Bumbles said...

Holy cow - good thing I don't live near that kitty barn - I would move in.

I have a different experience than you with a pet bunny. One of my college roomies in the dorm brought home a very mammoth rabbit which she named Jack. Jack would chase me around the room and ate through all of my shoes, luggage, leather jacket and important wires - like for the phone and TV. I was not a fan of Jack.