Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted here. Trying to figure out how to get everything done during the week is still a work in progress. There are a few things on my mind tonight as I get ready for the week.

Aaron has a field trip this week. One that I volunteered to drive for before I got the Gymboree job. His teacher emailed me about a week ago to see if I could still drive for it. I went ahead and got the afternoon off and then saw that the teacher had sent out another note thanking the moms who were driving and I was left off the list. Between this and not being able to do lunch anymore, I feel like I'm losing touch with school and the kids. I thought that I had a pretty good relationship with the teachers but it seems like since I can't be as involved anymore, I don't matter as much. Kind of feeling sad about that.

Aaron is in the middle with the red sweater with white stripes during his song in church this morning.

In happier news, we realized that we have now been at our "new" church for a year. The boys joined the entire Sunday School and sang in front of church this morning. It was very cute and I was very proud of them. They are learning so much, just as we are and it is such a wonderful place. I am really looking forward to the Easter service next week. If it's anything near as powerful as the Christmas Eve one was then it should be a morning to remember. They are adding an extra early morning service which is the only one with an egg hunt for the kids so we will try to get up for that.

Noah (the one in green) during the song this morning. Look how tall he is!

I was sick this weekend with a monster cold which should make singing all morning tomorrow to little kids interesting. I am usually not this sick with a simple head cold so this is pretty miserable. Steve even took the boys to a Dove family movie (free) this afternoon (Alpha and Omega) so I could sleep for awhile and my head is still pounding. But at least this week I am finally out of "training" mode and allowed to teach on my own without someone watching over me taking notes. It will definitely be a much improved week.

Got lots of things running through my mind. I'm heading to bed now in hopes that my puffy eyes may magically return to normal by 8 AM tomorrow morning.

Have a good week.

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