Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Is Coming

It's Easter weekend. I really haven't made much of a thing at all about Easter with the kids this year. Of course we've talked about the real purpose of Easter, but we haven't done any of the "traditions", such as coloring eggs, planting flowers, making Easter crafts, etc. It just never seemed to fit into our plans this year. And the kids never mentioned it either.

So when Noah reminded me this morning that this weekend was Easter, it made me think that maybe I was taking something away from them from not making too big of a deal about the "traditional" side of the holiday.
Noah First Easter, 2003

Actually, this was quite intentional. After Christmas two years ago and then again this past year, events that I never shared to the blog world made me really think that we need to tone down some of the build up to these holidays, which is making the boys only care about what they get. In the past we have usually given them their Summer toys for Easter (including the year Noah needed a new bike) since no one has spring birthdays. But it has risen Easter in the boys' minds as a "present" holiday. So I had planned to tone things down this year. But then I realized that I can't just magically take away what they know to be Easter to suit my own needs. And I am excited to have found a few inexpensive but fun gifties that I know they will love. The only difference will be that I am not making a basket for Steve and me this year. I am working on weight loss and I did get a few sweets for Steve that I can just slip to him :)

Aaron's First Easter, 2005

But in all reality, quite a lot will be different this year. It will be our first Easter in our new church, since last year we were still in "search mode" on Easter. Also, we are spending Easter with my in-laws for the first time. And then this afternoon I was informed that my MIL has made baskets for them as well and she has filled eggs and is planning to hide them. Now, I do appreciate that she wants to have a fun Easter day with the kids, but then I was left to wonder, how do we carry on any of our family Easter morning"traditions" (such as our own backyard egg hunt and them opening their baskets from us) without it seeming like just doubling up? And as awkward as it will be to spend the holiday with the in-laws (as all holidays with them are) I need to stay positive and excited for the children's' sake.

So Steve and I spent some time talking about the weekend ahead, trying to figure out how to work it all in without feeling rushed. And believe it or not, I am actually starting to get really excited about our "plan"

Our church has been holding Saturday night services for the last nine months now and they have asked as many of the regular attenders on Sunday morning to go to Saturday night Easter in order to open seats up for visitors on Sunday morning. Now, saying "He Is Risen" Saturday night may feel very strange, but when we started talking about we decided to do "our" Easter here at home on Saturday and then have a second Easter with the in-laws Sunday afternoon. It really isn't any different than going to church Christmas eve and then doing presents Christmas morning. I will be hiding eggs in the backyard tomorrow afternoon and we will do a night search when we get home from church, let the boys open their baskets from us Sunday morning, and then head up for an afternoon of in-law "pleasantries". A full Easter weekend.

Not the same, but still hopefully special in everyone's eyes.

Now let's just hope the weather holds for us.

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