Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo Shots

Easter weekend has passed. We had some time together as a family which is always cherished. I wanted to share some great shots I captured over the weekend. We haven't done professional pictures of the family in so many years that I can't even count. It seems like they never quite capture the personalities when we try. The family picture we have on our wall in the living room is one that a friend took of us at our old church two years ago on Easter day. It was really an amazing picture that stayed clear even when I enlarged it to an 8X1o and to date one of the best we've ever gotten of the four of us together. We kind of joked throughout the week that it has been two years and we really should get a new picture. It seems as if Easter will always manage to be "our" weekend for good family shots. Out neighbor took one of us outside as we were getting ready to head out to church. I thought it was pretty good until I noticed Aaron's eyes closed but it was still so cute that I thought it would be our winner. But then I had my MIL take one of us while we were up there in their back yard. I think it will be the new family portrait for awhile.

I got a good one of the boys too. As we were attempting pictures outside, I zoomed in closer I love the result. Yes, Noah's glasses are halfway down his nose, but the picture is just so sweet and it may just go on the wall too :)

Just wanted to share. Have a great day.

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