Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Aaron Eats a Chocolate Bunny

"Is Mommy really going to sit there and take pictures while I eat this entire bunny?

"Mommy, I'm eating the ears off. Are you gonna stop me???"

"Whoa...there's a big hole in the middle of this rabbit!"

"Can't waste a single crumb. Better pour it out so I can eat those pieces next.

"I'll use this lid so I don't miss any more pieces"

"Mom, look...the entire back is gone. I REALLY get to keep going?"

"This is SERIOUS work. Not so sure this was such a good idea....but I'm still goin"

"This was bigger than it looked!"

"I'm SOOOO exhausted"


"Can have another one?"

Note: one of the funny thing sis that during this entire ten to fifteen minute adventure, neither Aaron nor I said a word. It was complete silence during the entire time.


bethn said...

How funny. On Monday I discovered an empty bunny box, and asked what happened to the bunny. It appears the sitter on Sunday night let him eat the whole thing. Which I wouldn't have minded but for all the candy he ate Sunday afternoon. Good thing he didn't puke on her.

bethn said...

Looks awful yummy! On Monday morning I discovered an empty bunny box at our house. Turns out the sitter let Alex do the same Sunday night. That's a lot of chocolate.