Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I love it when I'm humbled :)

Remember a few weeks ago when I got on my soap dish about Mama always knows best? Well, I was just asking for trouble for being a know-it-all.

I shall explain...

Three years ago, when Noah was in kindergarten, he closed the van door in an awkward way, slipped, and jammed his wrist on a metal piece on the door. He cried but I didn't think much of it, sending him into the babysitters house and driving off to work. A few hours later, my husband called saying that Noah was still complaining and I told him to put him to bed and I would see how he was in the morning. There was no swelling or bruising at the time. I still took him the next day and it was indeed broken.

So yesterday, when Noah came home from school with quite the swollen and bruised pinkie from getting it jammed on a basketball in gym class, I decided that I would still wait a few hours before taking him to the med center. THEN, I got a call from my new boss inviting me to start work today. Now I couldn't wait until the next day to take him to the med center because it was my first day of a new job. So I decided that we should probably go get it checked out. We tried several med centers who ALL had two to three hour waits. Finally, two hours after normal bedtime, we got in, saw a provided, had an x-ray, and had a diagnosis...sprain. I took a picture of the swollen pinkie next to his normal one before they "buddy wrapped" his pinkie with the ring finger. He was pitching quite the fit about wearing tape on his finger to school so we stopped at CVS on the way to school and picked up a "buddy wrap" made from soft material and he was much more relaxed about the whole thing.

So indeed...mama doesn't know best. Or maybe she does but doesn't listen to herself. My instinct was to just buddy wrap the finger and wait until the following afternoon. But instead, we spent hours in a med center waiting room. I did give him a little extra sleep this morning and took them to school a little late, still giving me a chance to get to my new job to observe a 10:0 class.

I am excited about starting the job. In the next five weeks, they are planning to train me to teach all of their classes, including music, play, sports, and school readiness. This manager actually told me that they were excited to find me and I was a God send to them. I hope I can live up to that expectation. I just wish I had found this six months ago...

Have a good Wednesday :)

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