Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Follow Ups

Boy was it hard to get everyone (myself included) up and going this morning after four days off. We had a calm weekend. Spent most of it finishing up the derby cars for next weekend. The boys had a lot more hands on with the cars this year. I let them watch TV Saturday morning as long as they were sanding at the same time. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent painting them off and on all day.

I spent some time researching the nasty mortgage company that we are dealing with Satruday morning. Come to find out, they don't even OWN our loan, they are a collector for Fannie Mae and Fannie Mae actually owns our house. At first I was kind of mad for the deception, then I realized that there might be hope. I am going to contact Fannie Mae directly to see if there is a way that we can get around the blood suckers at LBPS and get a modification anyway. Doesn't there have to be someone somwhere in the world within the company that believes in actually HELPING people?

Conferences last week went really well. Noah still has all A's and I was also able to talk with his teacher a little about the weird things that have been happening in the classroom. It was very enlightening. Aaron's conference went well also. He is at or above grade level in everything and his teacher sees no reason to repeat first grade. The things he has to work on, such as independence and maturity, are not things that a repeated year of first grade would solve, especially since he has no academic issues at all. We talked a little about the possibilities of some of his struggles with the second grade teacher, but that is still seven months away. If he shows nearly the amount of growth in the next six months as he has in the past six months, he will absolutely be ready. It was so nice of his teacher to reassure me that I did the right thing in putting him in her class this year. Both of the boys have wonderful women for teachers this year.

I didn't hear from the Gymboree owner this weekend like I was supposed to. I am trying not to panic. She said, "I want to hire you. I will email or call you Friday or Saturday and get you started next week" which actually means this week. Why do I keep making great impressions and then not hear anything? Am I getting blown off again???

Gotta go get the dog out. She's whining for attention. She might as well get used to it though because she's gonna be a lot more lonely if I ever do start the job.

Have a good day!

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