Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun at the Meijer Gardens

One of the reasons I love our annual membership to the children's museum (besides being able to take Aaron whenever he asks) is the reciprocal memberships during the spring and summer. the entire month of May is free admission to the local botanical garden and sculpture park. I actually already blagged that we went two weekends ago. But I never shared some of the fun we had. So since this is my own personal digital journal, I think I'll show a few of my favorite sots of the day. We have three more weekends in May and I am still hoping to go back one more time, maybe with my parents and some cousins since they got a membership this year too.

As I mentioned before, Noah was into the butterflies BIG time this year. I'm not sure why but it was really fun to watch his interest bloom this time. He waited patiently in different spots trying to get them to land on him (which they never did, unfortunately).
Inside the butterfly garden we noticed something that we had never before. They had some different types of bird species walking around on the ground. I don't remember what they were but it was funny to all of a sudden watch these little birds go walking right past us across the path. We sat and watched the birds for quite a long time and it helped to amuse Aaron, who spent much of the time trying hard NOT to swat at the butterflies as they came fluttering by.

We found some new areas in the children's garden that we haven't visited before. The day was kind of sprinkling rain on and off so out visit was cut a little short, but the boys spent quite a bit of time in an imitation beaver dam, complete with building up logs and trying to run on top of them as well. Since it was too small for adults to crawl in, Noah took my flip camera sand shot some video in there, It was very fun to watch later, given his interesting commentary throughout.

It is a given every time we go to the children's garden that Aaron is going to get soaked and this time was no exception. There are two separate places where kids can play in the water. We didn't let him go in his usual one since I hadn't brought an extra outfit this time, but I (mistakenly) thought that it would be fine to let the kids play with boats in the water. Daddy had just as much fun as the boys did playing with boats I think.

But, alas, I was wrong. After a few minutes, my water obsessed child did indeed figure out a way to use that water to get completely soaked. At least I don't get upset about it anymore. It is just the way he is and it is really endearing once you learn to just accept that if water in ANYWHERE in sight, the child WILL become soaked.

To go dry off for a little while, we took the boys over the "sensory" garden which is just another garden area based on the five senses. Noah parked himself at a little table where he could decorate his own butterfly and Aaron gave into our request (after daddy did it first) to dress up as a butterfly. After searching for a "boy butterfly" costume, doesn't he look too adorable for words?

Since the rain started picking up at this point, as was Aaron's unpleasant demeanor, we decided that we needed to cut the trip through the sculptures short, but not until we'd had a chance to finally go see the big horse. I don't have a ton of pictures since I didn't want to get my camera wet, but I thought it was funny that Noah set himself right under the hoof and wanted his picture taken under it. Luckily, the boys didn't notice that the HUGE horse was anatomically correct until we were on our way out, otherwise I am quite sure that wold have brought about quite a bit of colorful discussion.

On our way out, since we had promised Noah one more trip through the butterfly garden, we also gave them a chance to check out the cacti. I have to admit, even I like to feel the different spikes, despite the signs everywhere that say "Don't touh" so I couldn't blame the boys too much for a little experimentation.

It was a nice visit but I am hoping to go back again before the month is out and see some more of the stuff that we missed this time. But I wanted to leave you with this sculpture that I saw for the first time. It was in the "storytelling garden" of a grandpa telling a story to a child, and for some reason I was intrigued. It was just such a sweet scene and I smile each time I look at it.

Have a great Tuesday :)

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