Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Weekend

Wow, I can't believe that my last post was a week ago. I am definitely slacking. Either I am just too busy to spend an hour formulating any kind of organized thoughts for a blog post. May is always so crazy. I have been riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately and unfortunately, the boys have been riding the ups and downs with me. Never a good situation. Doctor wants to medicate but I refuse so on top of physical misery from my back, I just need to keep being strong and reminding myself to get over it, stop being a baby, and get my act together for the sake of my family.

It was a busy week last week. Once again, not too many pictures. The ones I did get don't seem to want to post this morning. Apparently Blogger is having sleep issues too. Oh well, maybe I'll come back and add them later.

Thursday night, Noah had his spring "concert" which really wasn't. It's not just because I am a former music teacher who actually designed programs for 400+ elementary school age kids that were pretty awesome that I am frustrated with Noah's programs. Once in awhile, they're actually okay. But this was NOT one of those times. The school has no risers (which is ridiculous given the growth that they are claiming for next year) so once your child reaches 2nd grade or above, you can't see them on the stage anyway because they're behind three rows of kids. The teacher went through the effort to try to teach sign language to a song, but it ended up being was hands in the air randomly moving around since we couldn't see any of the other signs. I behaved myself though and praised Noah for the great job he did playing the bells and he was pleased.

Friday night I spent baking all night. I wish I had taken pictures because the boys were actually helpful. Since I had to make double batches of brownies and cupcakes for my student recital on Saturday, I went through full dozen of eggs. By the time we were done, Noah was fully capable of cracking an egg and pouring it into the bowl with no mess and no egg shells in the bowl. He was very proud.

The recital went well. Most of the kids remembered their pieces without use of book but I did have to flip the book in front of a couple of them. It happens every year and it's fine, since I have always been terrible at memorizing music and I suffer from performance anxiety to the extreme. The boys' favorite part was the piles of treats that came home with me that we spent the rest of the weekend munching on.

There was a"stinky carnival" at the church nearby this weekend too. Since we had taken them to that one a month ago, we were able to tell them no and the boys were fine with it. But each year, during this carnival, the church/school runs their own little quarter carnival at the same time. I figured we'd walk over there and let them spend their allowance money on little games. Luck must have been on their side though, because they both came away with buddies and another toy.

Sunday after church, we spent the day overhauling our basement. It was LONG overdue. The worst part was that Noah's and my allergies have been REALLY bad for a few days now and combining that with the filth of our basement sent me into a tailspin. I finally broke down and took some benadryl. But that combined with the prescription Motrin I'm on for my back just totally knocked me out. I felt like I was in a daze for most of the day. So as I sit here with my throat pounding and my nose dripping, I vow to never take benadryl again. It was just a yucky feeling. But, we made huge strides in getting our basement under control. Steve took the shop vac to our ceiling and got rid of all of the cobwebs and the like. The boys love it when we work down there because they find all kinds of treasures. They kept finding scrapbooks of when Steve and I were younger and it was funny to hear some of their reactions. After my doctor declared me "that age" last week, I am definitely feeling old anyway.

It's Monday. I'll be in Aaron's school all week accompanying for the middle school choir classes and then their concert on Thursday night. I may actually get to see a baseball game this week, which I am excited about. We practiced with the boys for awhile last night and it would be nice if it actually makes a difference in how they play. We have some attitude adjustments to make in the boys this week that have been causing some problems around the house as well. I think we need to nip these in the bud before summer vacation hits. I wish the boys had more friends locally so they didn't have to spend so much time bickering with each other. I know that would solve some of this problem. I had hoped that Noah would make some friends at scouts or baseball, but that has';t seemed to happen. We really need play dates around here.

(On a personal , completely conceited note...I still love my new hair. The only person that really doesn't is my loving hubby. His response is always, "I'm still getting used to it". I hope he'll come around.)

Have a good week everyone:)


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm glad the recital went well! Maybe we can get Abby started in the summer after all of the activities are done.

My allergies have been going crazy this spring too - must be a bad year for them.

I still think that there are a lot of things that you can't simply 'get over' without medical help - and you are NOT being a baby by admitting that you need help! Just my 2 cents. :)

Stacey,momof 2 said...

Our calendar is really filling up also...
I do hope dear hubby decides that his wife's hair is spectacular... !
Take care of YOU... cause you are very important!