Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creative Eating

After we went to the Whitecaps game a few weeks ago, I have been craving pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches like we had at the game. I found some at the store the other day and was waiting all week until Friday when we could finally make them for dinner.

We usually always make the boys try anything we make when it's something new, but between only having a small tub of it, and not really being in the mood to have our yummy dinner destroyed by complaints, we gave in and made grilled fajita chicken strips for them to have, rather than the pulled chicken. (More for us). In order to further make sure they actually ate, we also made up some steak fries.

As I pulled out the hamburger buns and cheese for Steve and me, Noah asked why he couldn't have a sandwich too. I figured it was only fair that he got a bun to and he set to work.

First he buttered his bun, inserted a slice of cheese, followed by his chicken.

I figured he was done.

But no...

Next came the fries. A complete meal on his bun. I CHALLENGED him to eat it, figuring after one bite he'd give up.

I was wrong. He ate the sandwich, including stopping and refilling it with meat several times.

Not to be outdone, little brother had to follow suit, of course.

Creativity while eating...not too bad.

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