Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Top Five: Pain and Preparation H

5. More ouch
After all of my back pain last week Saturday morning brought a new and more intense problem. I will not name it but if I just say Preparation H, you should know to what I'm referring. I've never dealt with the kind that is external and SOOOOO painful before. It was absolute misery. After several trips to the pharmacy and much money dole out, I have most of the pain controlled at this point. I guess the good thing is that I'm not sure if my back pain is gone, or just not as noticeable with the new misery overshadowing it. Doesn't really matter though. I think I may be on the mend for both. This will be a week of waiting and watching.

Needless to say, with Mommy in misery, I didn't get out to p
lay with kids as much as I would have liked to. We have both boys practicing throwing and catching baseballs to get ready for little league in a couple of weeks and I really enjoy (I really do) playing catch with them. However, I was not really up to being able to run and chase balls thrown by a five year old that didn't get quite make it to their intended destination.

4. Easter Eggs

We did get a chance
to color eggs though. Please excuse the bare chests. When doing messy projects, we always took shirts off when the boys were little, so they were both down to skin before I even told them to just go put a junk shirt on. I had seen a new item in the store that claimed to be "non-spill" dye cups and I thought we'd try them. Gotta admit, they were pretty cool. Unfortunately, Steve and I are the only ones who eat hard cooked eggs so we will probably be eating a lot of them this week.

3. Movie night
We had movie nig
ht twice this weekend with the same movie. Steve had received a gift card to Best Buy for his birthday from my parents and got an item for his car that he had wanted for a long time. But he also bought the family a new movie...The Bee Movie. Very cute movie. But as we were watching it Friday night, a BRAND NEW COPY, it kept skipping periodically, sending the kids into a few mini panics. Friday night after the boys were in bed, Steve headed back to exchange it for a new copy and Saturday afternoon, we were back to try again, much more successfully. I spent much time resting on the couch this weekend, and the boys often found themselves snuggled in right next to me, which as you can tell, I didn't really mind at all.

2. Children's Museum
We weren't su
re if we wanted to renew our children's museum membership this year or not, but Aaron still loves going there and the reciprocal memberships are awesome, so as a Christmas gift from my parents, we were able to renew our membership this weekend. The fun thing about the museum is that the boys are getting older so rather than just wandering like they used to, they actually sit and play with something for extended periods of time now. Noah spent a long time stacking the plastic pyramid pieces as high as he could, Aaron played doctor and veterinarian with the pet exhibit and everyone had fun sticking fingers and pens through bubbles (which we learned how to do from a bubble guy at the library last summer). I love it when we leave and the boys aren't ready to go, and I can say, "But we can come back next week and play again" and they are excited about it.
1. Sunday
Sunday was a ve
ry low key day. After another great church service, we pretty much just hung around the house all day. At one point Steve went to the neighbor's to cut some new boards to stabilize the loft he had built a couple of weeks ago. It was wobbling pretty bad and one of the 4X4's is actually splitting. Noah ran to get his tool kit and while no one was really paying attention, he designed and built his own "airplane". I worried when we first let him keep the nails we got in his tool kit, but I think it's pretty cool that he was able to figure out for himself where he needed to hammer the nails to make it all stay together.

The Week Ahead:
It's kind of a strange week. Aaron has a four day week, but two of the four half days will be in the morning due to conferences, which will be strange for all of us. Noah is supposed to have school on Friday, but it's a fluff and we have family coming so we're just starting his Spring Break a day early. It will also be a week of waiting and trying to decided when it's time to break down and go to a doctor for my issues. And then of course, Easter this weekend, followed by Spring Break next week. I'm really looking forward to spending time with my extended family this weekend and then a night away with my own little Wheelz group next week.

Hope you have a great week as well.

The Week Ahead

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