Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Easter Bunny

I took Aaron to see the Easter Bunny at the mall last week. I actually told the boys that the Easter Bunny was just a fun idea a few weeks ago, but it didn't phase Aaron a single bit. He loves any kind of character walking around and always has. I think I caught his head spinning a few times while we were at Disney last year, he was so excited.

So when I asked him if he wanted to go visit the big bunny, he pretty much ran out the door in excitement.

Last year while we were at the mall, Noah had pretty much decided he was done with this posing "nonsense" and I actually had to bribe the kid to visit the rabbit. So this year I didn't even bother to take him with me.

Notice in last year's picture, the best I could do was get him to stand next to the fellow, while Aaron was in full hug mode.

March, 2009

He wasn't upset when he saw the pictures of Aaron alone and I figured it would be a much more pleasant experience for Aaron if he was allowed to be excited without Big Brother bringing him down.

I looked back in my pictures and did find a picture of the boys two years ago with the big rabbit but can't seem to find any from previous years. It must have just slipped my mind in the years previous to that.

March, 2008

I am glad that the people at these places are willing to let you bring your own camera, rather than blowing $30 or more on a picture taken by their camera. I remember two Christmases ago they would only "let" me take two pictures with Santa and I had to sit there and "steal" pictures while the boys were talking to him. I am so glad that they don't do that anymore and I was able to get some candid shots of Aaron having a good ole time.

I am looking forward to experiencing the Easter service at the new church that we have been attending this weekend. It will tell us a lot about if this is indeed the place we would like to raise our children. And it looks like it's going to be great weather to hide the boys eggs outside like we did last year.

But I will remember to NOT put chocolate in them this year. THAT was a mess!


Stacey,momof 2 said...

My kids don't "get" the Easter Bunny (or the Tooth Fairy)... so it's nice to see at least one of yours enjoys a large stuffed rabbit!
I hope Easter at the new church is a wonderful new start for all of you!

Kila said...

Awww :)

My youngest LOVES the Easter Bunny and many other fun, fake characters. The older two boys would rather keep their distance.