Friday, March 26, 2010


Warning: Pity Party to follow...

I am not one to complain constantly about pain. I'm really not. I had two babies without an epidural, even though it was just because I was scared of the needle...but don't tell anyone :)

But this back problem is really starting to wear me down and I might have to break down and do something about it.

I have always been one to discount anyone when they say they have "back pain". Up until now, I just always assume every one's back hurts once in awhile.

I will never discount it again. The past week has been a series of ups and downs and the downs arrived full force yesterday afternoon.

I told you about my problems with the lower back pain during my concert last week. After much rest, ice, and heat, it started getting a little better every day to the point where yesterday morning (after about a week and half) I woke up virtually pain-free. Figuring it was done and I was probably over reacting, I went about my daily activities, perfectly fine.

Then, as I was stepping out the door to go to work last night, I stepped down a front step, felt something "pop" in my back and felt pain radiate all across my lower back and near my buttocks. My SIL had told me the day before that she deals with similar pain every so often too so I figured I was just being a baby and decided to stop complaining and just deal with it. But after this so-called "pop" last night, I have been in as bad of shape as I was last Friday night. It has not stopped me from sleeping and when I first got up this morning I was fine. But after moving for just a couple of minutes, I found I was leaned forward and wasn't standing up straight anymore. Carrying my purse hurts.

Our insurance stinks and I know if I go to a doctor they'll just run a bunch of expensive tests that I can't afford, and once again, I know that probably everyone who's reading this is saying, "Join the club, every one's back hurts so stop being such a baby". But it has now been a week and I haven't exercised out of fear and now I'm afraid to even walk for fear that another "pop" will happen.

It hurts more to sit than to stand, once I get upright that is. And laying down doesn't really help because it makes it that much worse when I do stand up.

So even though I'm being a baby, if this doesn't get any better by Monday, I think I'm going to have to break down and see a doctor. But for now, I just wanted to complain. We all need a little pity party once in awhile, right?

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I don't think you're being a 'baby' at all - back pain isn't anything to take lightly. Especially if it lasts more than just a day or two. Ron said that the physical therapy they sent him to when he hurt his back last year helped immensely - he couldn't believe he'd waited so long to go in. It wasn't cheap - we still have that bill sitting out there (sigh), but it enabled him to go back to work and I don't think he would've been able to otherwise.

If there's nothing else I learned over the past couple of days it's that even doctors don't know everything - and that you absolutely have to advocate for yourself and insist on getting answers when you know that something's wrong.

Good luck!!