Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Very Best Day

As I sit here contemplating life and how it brings waves that carry us through the ups and downs, I started thinking about some of the ups of 2009. I asked Steve and the boys the other night what their favorite day of 2009 was, and all three of them responded with the same day I would have chosen...Friday, March 20th. Our last day on vacation in Florida. We woke up at the crack of dawn and waited at the entry to Walt Disney World and stayed until close. It was the most exhausting and awesome day ever. So many great memories.

Some of the moments that we will keep in our minds of that great day:

The excitement of watching the train arrive for the opening show before the gates opened for the day. It also included Daddy being silly to pass the time since we were all getting a bit antsy.

Riding the Aladdin ride four times in a row without getting off because no one else had made their way to that side of the park yet. We also got to ride the Thunder Mountain ride twice in a row since we had gotten a fastpass before the crowds had made their way to the back of the park yet

Riding the Toy Story ride and trying to beat daddy's score, which proved impossible even after two tries

Riding the Dumbo ride and being able to see across all of Fantasy land

Resting on the "people mover" after we had been going strong for MANY hours. It was nice to sit and look at the park while riding through

Watching the stage show right out in front of the magic castle

Watching Aaron "drive" the boat on the Jungle Cruise, and even receiving a "pilot's license" when it was over

Meeting the whole family for fireworks after a long day of playing. I am so happy these cousins got to spend some time together on our vacation.

Watching the castle "change colors" as the sun went down.

Being thankful that we brought a stroller for Noah, even though he was six years old. Walking that much made it hard for his legs too, and we were even more thankful when after the fireworks, BOTH of them fell asleep in strollers on the way back to the monorail.

Character Lunch at Crystal Palace with my parents and brother's family. Noah remembers getting ice cream with sprinkles with Grandpa and Aaron remembers getting to hug all of the characters.

Marveling at the fact that Noah is so good at hula hooping and being thankful to all of the Disney people who come along with entertainment for kids who are standing along the street waiting for the daytime parade to start

There are so many more things that we did that day that I don't have pictures for, but I will still remember them in my mind. It was just such a great day and I hope the boys will remember it too. Aaron has asked every day to go back ever since and I hope we can make it happen for them again someday.

Anyone else want to post about their favorite day of 2009 and come back and let me know? It would be a fun theme to read on people's blogs.

Have a great weekend.

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AZMom said...

FUN! Makes me want to get to Disney! We haven't been this year (Disneyland that day we hope to get to WDW!)