Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Nativity...Aaron Style

Last year I did an entire post about all of the different nativity sets in our home. It has always been a special thing to see the kids not just look at the Nativity sets, but actually interact with them, even paying with the Baby Jesus. I think it makes a great opportunity for dialogue about the story and I love that the kids enjoy it as well.

So this year when I started getting them out, Aaron was SO excited. I put our main adult one and the main kids one both on the same table, on different shelves. Our Baby Jesus stays away until Christmas morning, but all the other pieces are up for grabs (figuratively). Aaron set right to work setting them up in different formations. Every morning I find them in different arrangements.

But my heart melted completely when I came in the other day and found the nativity sets like this:

Aaron had both of the sets arranged so that all of the pieces were crowded around to "see the special Baby"

I often marvel at the way my youngest son thinks. I love his mind and the heart that is behind everything he does.

FYI, I am not changing them. I think he's got it right.

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Stacey,momof 2 said...

This makes me smile -- it fills my heart with Joy!
Thanks for sharing! :)