Monday, November 23, 2009

Very Crazy Sunday

It was definitely a busy day yesterday. After a pretty lazy Saturday where we pretty much did nothing, yesterday was a flurry of activity, with emotional highs and lows.

Church yesterday morning was rough now that everyone knows we're leaving. We have so many people who love and support us and want more details about our decision that we just don't feel comfortable sharing. Steve is even more upset than I that we have to stay four more weeks. We so wish we could just walk away and let the healing process begin for both our family and the church that has been so good to us that we are leaving behind.

Once church was over, I was able to put my focus back where it belongs... the family and friends that I love. I called Steve, who had to stay home from church with the kids, and we decided to meet for lunch and let the kids play while I shared all of the events from the morning.

After lunch, we were off to Hannah's (Deb's daughter) birthday party. Since her older sister had had a skating party, Hannah had one too. It was only the second time either of the boys had ever been on skates and I was blown away by how far they had come since last time.

Last time, Aaron had the plastic ones that fit over the shoes, but now his shoes are so much bigger that he had to wear the real ones. At first, he was just as wobbly and started whining like last time, but after a short time, he started really kind of feeling how to move and by the time we left he was actually having fun.

First, he stayed glued to the wall, which was a great way for him to start.

As he got more comfortable, he attempted to try let one hand go, and even both hands one or twice

It was very difficult for him to try to "Smile" for a picture when he was concentrating so hard, but I still love the expression he ended up with on his face

Of course, he fell a lot too. But unlike last time, when after one fall he cried and refused to continue, this time he smiled, got back up and tried again.

And later in the party room, he even tried to glide from one table to another without Daddy or Mommy standing nearby.

Noah also was much more confident this time than last. He still started off along the railing, which was a good thing.

But within ten minutes, I was turned around and heard him shout, "Hey, MOM!" He had worked his way into the middle of the rink and was off and skating

It became increasingly difficult to get pictures of him wiping out, because even though he rarely made it an entire lap without falling, he got up so fast and going again that I didn't have enough time to shoot the picture. I did get one, though.

Look at that happy boy go!

During this entire party, where all of the kids had a blast, the birthday girl's poor mother was not having such a great time. She has had a medical issue needing to be taken care of for quite awhile that flared up to unbearable pain by the time the party was over. I am sure she will share any details she wants on her own blog. So as the party was wrapping up, I finally offered to take her over to the Urgent Care while the daddies took the kids home and put them to bed. We spent several hours there while they ran tests and got her pain under control. Even though it was not a great circumstance, it was still nice to feel useful to a friend and I was glad I could help.

A crazy, emotional, sometimes fun, sometimes worrisome Sunday. So much for a day of rest, huh?

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Stacey,momof 2 said...

I am un-able to view your post about your big announcement... so I'm sad...
But it was lovely to see you boys skating with Glee!
It was also nice to hear that you got to help a friend in need and your kids saw you do that!
What a great example you are showing them!