Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is It Too Much To Ask...

...for just ONE nice picture of two good looking boys sitting in front of a pretty tree smiling?

The boys got to sing with Steve at the local Botanical Gardens Wednesday night. It was so beautifully decorated with poinsettias everywhere. And trees throughout the entire place decorated in different styles of countries around the world.

An absolutely PERFECT setting to take some pictures of the boys all dressed up for the Christmas card this year.

Not too difficult, right?

Think again..

Closed mouth for Aaron

Aaron looking away

Noah looking away, Aaron's mouth closed, and blurry as well

What about if we try sitting down?

Noah has officially reached the "I don't know how to smile" phase of his life.

Gotta love a fake smile!

Here's Aaron looking away again

And then we FINALLY get a good one and Poor Aaron's face is so red and chapped from being sick all week that, even though Mommy loves it, it still isn't up to par for the Christmas card.

Not sure if I'll try again or just go with it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot..

I actually got a nice shot with the boys in Santa's sleigh on the way out, even WITH Aaron looking off to the side.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Christmas?


bethn said...

Welcome to the world of cheeeeese! Alex is the king of the cheesy smiles. I've gotten to the point where I tell them not to smile and by the 5th time I say it they start giggling and I get a decent photo.

The Bumbles said...

Hahaha! The I don't know how to smile phase! Our niece learned that one early from her older sister. Now neither of them provides genuine smiles for a camera.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I have to tell you that I went on the big computer yesterday and happened to glance at Windows Explorer that Ron had left open and saw the wonderful photo of your boys that Steve sent him - it's an awesome photo! Ron's fixed Aaron's lip and I didn't even notice it at all until you pointed it out.

Ugh, you're reminding me though that we need to get going on the whole holiday photo thing. As soon as I make it through Hannah's party this weekend, I guess. :)