Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tackling LIfe

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has just kind of taken over and I don't seem to be getting things back in order as quickly as I would like. Every day I seem to have four hours worth of things I want to get done in the two and a half hours that Aaron is at school. The math just doesn't add up, does it?

Both children's choirs start tomorrow night, one including bell playing. I still need to get the posters made and color coded for that group. I also need to get all the way out to church to pick up the music to take a rehearsal plan before tomorrow, wasting yet more gas for the trek out there and back.

Laundry is mounting downstairs, including more left over from Aaron's throw up bout from yesterday afternoon. This indeed is the strangest virus I have ever seen. He was crying when I picked him up from school yesterday, saying his stomach hurt. By the time I had picked Noah up and was ALMOST home, Aaron threw up repeatedly all over the floor of the car, his clothes, Noah's backpack, and about a dozen other things that should not have been on the floor of the car, but were. I had to leave for teaching a half hour later, so after trying to get Aaron in and out of the bathtub, settled on the couch, Noah calmed down about watching his brother repeatedly vomit on him, clean up the backpack that had Noah's homework in it, and get the van cleaned the best I could, I finally headed out to teach.

So now I still have to get to a vacuum place to get the van completely cleaned out today.

No matter how many hours I spend cleaning our tiny house, it just doesn't stay clean and as I sit here, I see at least a half dozen piles of stuff that need to be taken care of.

I just gave Aaron a piece of bread wondering if he will keep him down. He is begging for more food and running around acting fine and I still have to make the decision about whether to send him to school in three hours.

After finishing writing this, I am going to head downstairs to exercise, even though my stomach feels like it's in knots and I am wondering if Aaron has shared his lovely virus with me.

But I have too much to do to get sick.

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Unknown said...

Hope he is feeling much better now. You certainly have had your hands full!