Thursday, May 28, 2009

Skinny Cows: Yummy

I used to be skinny.

For a short period of time, right before I got pregnant for Noah, I was skinny.

I had taken a family trip to Disney World and when we got the pictures back, I was appalled at how heavy I had become. The next week, I joined Weight Watchers and learned how to count points and make good food choices.

There were a few things that made Weight Watchers successful for me that time. The main ones were ham subs at Subway and Skinny Cows.

I remember going to a meeting (this was in 2001) where they were all talking about these new ice cream sandwiches. We finally had yummy ice cream that had two points only. We could eat for the day and still have a treat at night.

I was hooked!

I ran right out and bought them. At the time, there were three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and mint sandwiches. I loved them all. Skinny Cow has expanded their line of products since then.

For now, my days of being skinny are over. I have quite the sweet tooth that I overindulge WAY too often.

So when I got a chance to be reintroduced to Skinny Cows, I jumped at it.

They have several more varieties than they had back then. In addition to the ice cream sandwiches, they have really yummy chocolate fudge ice cream cones and truffle bars.

The points values for weight watchers are here on their website and they range from 1 to 3 points depending on the item you choose. The website also has all the other nutrition information as well.

The items are a little on the pricey side, since there are only 4-6 items in a package, but so is going out for ice cream, and this way you can indulge and have much less guilt.

The kids liked them as well, even though we didn't tell them that they were a "healthy" treat. Even my hubby, who generally steers clear of any of the healthier alternatives of ice cream I buy, really liked the chocolate fudge ice cream cones.

Definitely a yummy way to have a yummy summer ice cream reat, and not completely blow your diet.

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Courtney said...

Let me just say that you need to be happy with you, skinny, fat or in between. I am WAY underweight right now and have people make comments all the time; comments that hurt. So the grass is greener on the other side, but really it's not.

Enjoy your healthy treats!

bethn said...

I am so hooked on the chocolate fudge ice cream cones. I actually buy regular cones and ice cream sandwiches for my boys, because it's too expensive for them to eat my treats. Besides they're mine!

I agree with Courtney that you need to be happy just the way you are. Don't let what's in the mirror change how you feel about you!