Friday, May 29, 2009

Sigh of Relief From School

I know it's the weekend and I am supposed to be turning the computer off. But since Steve is out singing and I am here alone, I thought I wold share a piece of happy news I got today regarding Noah's school for next year.

One of the reasons I think he had much a better year this year (one of SO many) is that his teacher this year was so much more structured than the kindergarten teacher was. It was just what he needed.

photo: Noah's teacher this year on a field trip to the library where she was a character in a play that the teachers and parents put on for the students.

I was very worried about the 2nd grade teacher next year because she was fairly new and also didn't seem to have nearly the structure to her classroom.

Noah had "Moving Up Day" today where they visit the class for next year. Turns out the 2nd grade teacher has decided to go to part time and his teacher for next year will be a woman who has been an aide in the 3rd and 4th for years, but also has 12 years of classroom teaching experience on her own as well. I know her and really like her.

I am still very sad to be saying good bye to Mrs. T though. She was truly the best thing that could have ever happened this year. But now I am hopeful for what next year will bring, both for Noah and for Aaron.

See you Monday with my Top Five.

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