Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Top Five

Actually, I'm, not going to do a weekend top five this week. My 36th birthday was Saturday, and a very busy day. I will post about it on Thursday for my T13. On Sunday, after a very rough morning at church, we stayed home and had a very nice relaxing afternoon around the house. Instead, I want to share some of the foliage improvements I made around the yard this weekend.

If you used to follow my old blog last year, I had an ongoing saga about a little plant I had received. After killing it and bringing it back to life many times, I blogged along the way. It had QUITE the following I must say.

I haven't mentioned it this year, but when I was doing other work in the yard, I HAD to show a picture of how well it is doing this year. It went from this last year :

to this year being a beautiful full plant. No buds though...maybe next year.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about transplanting our little cherry tree in the back, leaving a big gaping hole in the front:

We filled the home in this weekend with a new baby lilac tree. I hope it grows and catches up with the two next to it soon.

Noah wanted in on the planting action when we went to the flower store for my birthday to get the lilac bush he picked up on little tray of petunias that were pretty to him and I told him he could plant them anywhere he wanted. He had a whole yard to find a little corner to plant his flowers.

But instead, he made four tiny little holes in the MIDDLE of the yard, and planted his little flowers.

Do think they will survive the entire summer of Daddy mowing the lawn? I will do my best to protect, but we'll see. I'll have to keep you posted.

So, as I bring my little foliage tour to an end, I will share one bit of annoyance (you already know if you're a facebook friend) I have found in my yard.

Some neighborhood dog has decided that a certain spot smack dab in the middle of my backyard lawn is the perfect spot to consistently do his number two duty. I cant catch it in the act, but if I do, that owner will be getting quite a mouthful. I can't believe anyone would be so rude as to allow their dog to do that.

The Week Ahead:
Finishing up school (and taking lots of pictures of end of school activities), putting an ad on Craig's List for Pumpkin (I've had it with him), REALLY REALLY REALLY need to call the doctor and get those hormones going again, and figure out a way to maybe pay a bill or two to keep everything from getting shut off.

Let me know if you posted your weekend so I can come visit.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Your new baby lilac is very cute! I'm sure it'll grow fast - they always seem to. :)

Here's my weekend post - or at least half of it... I'll post the rest of it later on - the weekend was too busy to fit into one post.

bethn said...

Hey Kristi the Hydrangea looks great! I'm sure the lilac will be great too. I loved the glimpse of the blooms on the other ones. My lilacs didn't bloom this year. I was so bummed. Probably because Mark got a little carried away with his trimming last year.

Sounds like my kind of weekend. Time in the yard and relaxing.