Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: School's Almost Out

Anyone who has ever read my posts knows how far my son Noah has come in his schooling. In kindergarten, he was pretty much a nightmare behaviorally. After quite a few adjustments, he has had a great year in first grade. He has grown so much and I am blown away by the change in him. As I write this, I am sad to be saying good bye to the teacher he had this year, who has made all the difference in the world. I wish she could just follow along with us through the years.

Here are thirteen things I will remember about Noah's year in first grade.

1. First day of school. This shirt doesn't even fit him anymore and has been passed on to his brother

2. Friday Recess Duty
My favorite times were taking the class sledding, playing hangman while they finished lunch, and watching Aaron interact with the "big kids"

3. Taking Pumpkin The Cat to school for Show And Tell

4. Going to the library every week to fill the bag full of books for FRED (free reading every day) time.

5. Watching Noah play "Nutcracker' on the bells for his Christmas program

6. Watching Aaron make friends with three seventh grade girls who waited for him at the fish tank every morning, and who declared him their "BFF"

7. Friday Morning All school Assemblies (called Flag Raising) when students got "character" awards and sometimes the first graders presented little programs to the entire student body.

8. Getting to know the other parents of kids in his class better. Last year I avoided everyone like the plague.

9. Field trip to a play where a fire drill went off just as the kids were getting seated and Noah discovering something sticky in his hair, which he proceeded to have the entire class touch.

10. Watching the progress from reading simple sight words to reading books

11. School carnival in which Steve ended up running the game we were supposed to man the entire time.

12. Being able to reward him when he would have a perfect week behaviorally.

He got these speed stacks for THREE PERFECT WEEKS in a row.

13. Watching him continue in his preference for friendships with girls over boys

Six days of school left. Woo Hoo!

Next year I will have two boys in school and the memories will continue to grow. For now, we will just work to get through the last week of school and start our summer adventure.


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Courtney said...

Ok, the first picture of Noah...omgoodness, he has changed so much this year. I can't believe it's him. First grade was definitely a growing year for Noah in a lot of ways!

Brenda ND said...

Oh, Noah looks like he enjoys life--school or vacation. Thanks for sharing.

Chelle said...

I love this post. Kids grow up so fast-you are going to be glad that you documented this time in your son's life so eloquently. I have a hard time remembering my kids' earlier grade school years and I'm grateful to have scrapbooks and my blogs to look back on to remind me.

Great post!

KC said...

I love this post.. what a wonderful idea with the end of school coming up.. He has grown so much

I am Harriet said...

Time sure goes by fast doesn't it?
Great photos. Enjoy