Monday, March 2, 2009

Picky Eaters

I wanted to share a funny sight from dinner Friday night. While I was dishing up, I found myself laughing and saying "I know this needs to be blogged" so here it is.

I was a picky eater growing up. And if I didn't eat, it was bread and water for dinner...which I gladly ate on the nights of "crock pot".

Both of my boys have picky moments. I read somewhere that a new food needs to be tried eleven times before it can be liked. I have to admit ta ht in my 35 years, I probably have not given broccoli OR cauliflower 11 times.

But we have told the rule to the boys. If we have something new, they are required to eat one "no thank you bite" (I learned this term from my step-mom and love it) and they are told the 11 times rule each time.

The rule has worked. Noah has gone from hating taco night to it being one of his favorites. We are working on several other meals each weekend.

Last Friday night, Steve stopped to get salad fixins to have with our chicken alfredo dinner. For about three weeks now, we have started making Noah try a SMALL bite of lettuce, drowned in dressing.

So, here were the salad portions as served Friday night:
Steve and my bowls

Aaron the four year old (who ate it and wanted more)

Noah the 6 year old and his ONE piece of lettuce.
We'll try to tackle tomatoes after lettuce becomes more tolerable.

To his credit, it was the first week that he didn't complain...just accepted his fate and swallowed it with the help of an entire cup of milk.

Do you make your kids try new foods? What about things you know they don't like?


Anonymous said...

We struggle with this one. Emma will try almost anything once. Jake won't touch stuff at all. Even if it's something that he's tried before, if he finds out one of the ingredients is something he "doesn't like", he won't touch it again.

Very frustrating!

AZMom said...

I am very very lucky in that my kids are not picky at ALL. There are one or two things they don't care for but they do eat them. I think you have the right attitude about it and have done well!

Courtney said...

My kids do have to try new least one bite. They usually don't complain too much, but there are "those" days.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

You know how picky Hannah is... :) She (and the other girls) are required to try at least one bite of anything new - or anything we make that they don't normally eat. I had to laugh at Noah's portion of salad - it looks just like the portions of corn that I give to Hannah every time. But she'll eat that little bit without complaining - because she knows she has to. :) And she did the same thing with rice that Noah did with tacos - I went from giving her one GRAIN of rice every time to her absolutely loving it now. Kids are strange!

Although Ron is my biggest picky eater issue - I now get stressed out if he's going to be home for dinner instead of the other way around. Sad, huh...

Timmy's Girl said...

You crack me up, Kristi, but you always amaze me with your creative way to 'mom' your boys!

I am so blessed that my kids will eat anything. They LOVE salad and are always willing to try new things, at least one bite. So, since I happen to love to try new foods, they are open to it, too. My kids are even sushi lovers because it is my fave food.

Now, my rule is that if I won't eat it, they don't even have to try it, because it won't even enter my house. For example: Liver...none of my kids have ever had it. Peas: I have never made them, but once we went to a buffet restaurant, they saw this cute green balls in the buffet line, wanted to try this curious little things, and 1/2 of my kids love peas. However, they don't get to eat it at home...they have to wait to have them at the restaurant.

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Tammy said...

Aidan is so picky that he hardly eats anything. :o(

Anonymous said...

I love the 'no thank you' bite idea!!

I have often got my kids to eat some of the 'nasty' food by (dare i say it) blackmail!!! I have no shame, i will laughingly tell them that if they eat 2/3/4 etc small bites or pieces they can leave the rest! My older two are 20 and 18 now and it STILL works on the SAME foods!! LOL

I guess i just been lucky really, my nephew is 13 and will only eat pizza and cheese and onion crisps!