Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: It's Almost Here

Last week I listed 13 rides/attractions at Disney World that I was questioning Noah's ability to handle. The comments I got were extremely helpful and I do feel a little better prepared.

This week I would like to share the 13 experiences that I am most looking forward to seeing the boys reactions to:

1. Character Meals ( TWO of them with different characters)

2. Dumbo Ride

3. Winnie The Pooh Ride

4. Peter Pan's Flight

5. TRex restaurant in Downtown Disney

6. Nightime parade and fireworks in MK

7. Mickey's Philharmagic Show

8. Festival of the Lion King Show

9. Steve's Birthday at Magic Kingdom

10. Kilimanjaro Safari

11. Buzz Lightyear's Ranger Spin

12. Digging in the Boneyard

13. The general awe of it all!

Happy T13!


Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Hey Kristi..Glad you commented on my blog! I haven't read much of yours so I don't know the age of your children, but my son just turned 5--he didn't like how dark it was. That was it. He loved the Philharmagic! Buzz was CLOSED!! ONly open on weekends. Hope you get to see it! We were dissappointed!

AZMom said...

I am so jealous! I do hope to get our kids to D-World sometime in the next few years. We love D-land but D-World has soo much more to offer!

have fun!!

Courtney said...

I hope you guys have a magical time. When are you all leaving?

I wasn't getting too excited about going on out trip, but reading your excitement is fueling my fire. I can't wait now!