Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Top Five 3/2/09

We really did nothing on Saturday , but it was a good day where we all got along and enjoyed hanging out as a family. We did watch Jungle Book 2 for movie night before bed and I got a quick trip to the dollar store in to get the rest of the stuff we need for vacation and Steve went grocery shopping for me. (I told he was a great guy)

I'll try for five anyway.

5. Twitter Attempt

I decided to try twitter this weekend. When I disabled it at the same time I disabled face book, it wouldn't let me keep the same name so I went back to the label from the old blog. I intend to be much more responsible about it and NOT get hooked. I think it is a lot less likely I'll get hooked to twitter since it's just a quick one liner...not a full communication tool. If you would like to hook up, feel free to click on my sidebar.

4. Noah's Questionable Tooth
If you followed my twitter this weekend you sort of got a clue about this strange situation with Noah's teeth. He has had a loose one on the top right forever and his mouth has been looking more and more strange by the day. His gums must be widening getting ready for the grown up tooth because when I got to his class on Friday, the entire class (including Noah) was convinced that a tooth NEXT to his loose one had fallen out and they couldn't find it. I was surprised but went along with it.

After I got home and thought about it, I figured there was no way that a tooth that wasn't even loose "fell" out and had no blood and he didn't notice. Take one look at this shot from Friday afternoon and you can see the gap that got everyone wondering.

I am hoping that this weird looking tooth comes out in the next week before we take several hundred pictures of him on vacation. I am coming close to bribing him to let me try the string on the doorknob method. I already told him that I don't think the tooth fairy can find us in Florida.

3. A New Skill Attempt
Last summer Noah was begging for "wheelies". He was also fighting learning how to tie his shoes. A few weeks before the end of the summer, I found a pair of generic wheelies at a garage sale and they were tie laces. I bought them as an attempt to motivate him to try to tie. It didn't work. (He has since finally learned).

Saturday, he tried to put them on and go outside to "skate". It didn't work out too well for him since he doesn't really have the coordination. But I decided to let him try anyway. We ran downtown to check out an event and Noah spent the entire time trying to use the railing to try to learn to "skate". It didn't really pan out but he had fun and I think he will keep trying.

2. Church and Changes
I haven't mentioned this yet on my blog but last weekend I was asked to take over the next age children's choir, in addition to the one I already do. That would mean I would be in charge of four groups instead of three, and also be in charge of putting together the children's and youth musical next spring. I thought I was working my way OUT of the church, and I seem to be getting sucked more in. On top of that, our bells now have two PUBLIC performances scheduled; one for a nursing home in May, and the other in downtown Grand Rapids in June. Not too shabby for the first year our church has even HAD a bell choir.

2. Patrick's Birthday Party
My nephew Patrick turned 6 on Sunday so we headed to his house after church on Sunday for a party.

Patrick displaying his birthday balloon

The favorite present that Patrick got was an electric arm that everyone took turns with.

So that's it for this weekend. Pretty uneventful.

This week looks a little different from the norm. Noah has Thursday and Friday off of school, and next weekend is our last weekend home before we leave.

Let me know if you posted the weekend. And I would love to hook up with you over at twitter.

Have a great Monday.


Stacey,momof 2 said...

Kristi, can you send me a quick email about twitter...
people have suggested it before-- but I don't really understand.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Noah's mouth looks very similar to how Hannah's did before that one top front tooth fell out. All kinds of strange gaps... :) I hope it falls out for you before Disney!

Here's my weekend post:

Melissa said...

Gavin has wanted wheelies too, but we havent gotten them yet. I forsee alot of falling down if he gets them! Good luck with that tooth!

Courtney said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me. We didn't do a whole lot either, but I still posted.