Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Review: Baby Einstein World Music

I am sure you have heard of the Baby Einstein Company. Most of you probably own at least one of their produts.

Noah was a Baby Einstein baby all the way. We were given Baby Mozart for a shower gift when I was pregnant back in 2002, and from the time he came home from the hospital, he was hooked. They were quickly followed by others. Our favorite was Baby Santa. Our collection has grown through the years and I think there are currently 9 or 10 on our shelves. The music is fun and the visuals are simple, colorful, and large for even the youngest of babies to be able to focus on. We have also owned several of their other products, inclusing the puppets, stufffed animals, CD's, and instruments.

Although my boys are now 4 and 6, they actually STILL will sit and watch them while they're reading, doing puzzles, or some other quiet activity. They are extremely soothing.

The other day while I was downstairs playing the piano, I played a slow sonata movement that was featured in the Baby Mozart, and Aaron actually recognized the song. How cool is that?

That is why , even though my "babies" aren't babies anymore, I was excited to be a part of the Baby Einstein World Music Tour.

Now, it has been a few years since I have purchased any of the Baby Einstein movies, so it was fun to see the advances they have made in the few years of my hiatus.

There are some things that never change. The music is just as soothing as ever and the pictures are still simple, bright and colorful.

What I noticed that seems different is that it has become more educational. The cool thing about this one was that it had two modes: One for just the pictures and music for younger babies, and a second mode for older babies with written words of the instruments and a person speaking the words. If you are interested in seeing a sample of the DVD, you can see it here at the website. The website also has a link to studies about infants and screen time which I thought was interesting.

I chose to use this DVD as a calming effect in the van on the way to Florida when the boys were getting riled up. It worked!

The boys watched intently the first time, and when they asked for it a second time, they started discussing where the different continents were, and 4 year old Aaron wanted to know for sure if we lived in North America. When I confirmed it, he thought it was the coolest thing that he lived in somewhere that he saw in a movie.

So I absolutely recommend this DVD for your child if they are under a year old.

This review was gladly written on behalf of Mom Central and the Baby Einstein company.

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