Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thirsday Thirteen: Since Aaron's Been Home...

13 Things that Aaron has done in his first week home from preschool

1. Helped clean up/reorganize the bedroom by carrying multiple loads of books up and down the stairs

2. Thrown up in the entry way to his old school and then again in the hallway on the way to the bathroom, when we went to return the class mascot

3. Attended library story time, sitting quietly and participating fully

4. Played in the play area at the mall

5. Read books at the book store in the mall

6. Charmed the pants off the employee of the teacher store that we visited to find stimulating activities for him whilst at home

7. Took a nap every day

8. Watched the van go through the car wash because it was "filthy" according to big brother Noah

9. Spent a morning at Aunt Shannon's preschool

10. Played at Grandma and Grandpa's

11. Watched way more television way more than in previous weeks

12. Been allowed to eat cereal for breakfast instead of the required peanut butter for school mornings

13. Snuggled Pumpkin when he wasn't feeling well.

Not too bad for the first week home.

Guess what he hasn't done? Asked about going back to school.

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Timmy's Girl said...

How sweet that he is LOVING staying at home with his best teacher, Mama. It seems that you got this homeschooling thing down and you weren't even trying. Proud of you!