Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Follow Ups

1. So after talking with Noah about this bad word situation yesterday, I am completely convinced that he didn't say THE WORD. He is completely confused because he is sure that he is in trouble for saying the word "stupid" and keeps asking me what bad word starts with the letter "F". Now I really am afraid that he will go up to the girl accuser and ask her what it is.

I emailed his teacher about it and she got back to me. Apparently, this girl went and told one of the other moms that Noah said it too. Mrs. T completely believes me and will honor my request to move Noah away from this girl and said she will also speak on Noah's behalf to the other mom. These same 11 kids are going to be together for the next 11 years and I don't need bad feelings among the parents (although if this continues I may have a few words for the girl's mom). At this point, Noah still doesn't really know what this all about and I hope I can keep it that way.

2. As for the two missing toys, they are still not back in Noah's possession and he threw a mini fit this morning when I wouldn't let him take any more toys to school. I told him that nothing goes to school until he retrieves ALL of the toys he had given away. Truthfully, even then I am not sure if anything will be allowed to go or not. I will be talking to the other boy after school today and also to his mother if it doesn't come back tomorrow. Whether Noah should have given it away or not, there was still some swindling going on.

3. Pumpkin seems to be on the mend. I went into the basement last night and found a ton more spots where he had thrown up and ended up pulling out a lot of the foam tiles we had on the floor downstairs. It seemed that both cats were trying to show me where they all were, which was kind of strange. I guess Pumpkin has lived through some of his nine lives but had a few left.

4. Church went very rough last night. I am so sick of all of the other parents letting their kids spend the entire evening running and screaming through the church. I make a serious effort to keep our kids separate from the chaos, but it sure seems to follow them. Then, by the time we get them home and into bed, it's 8:30 at night and they don't fall asleep until close to 9. Then I have to deal with grumpiness every Thursday morning. BOTH boys had timeouts within fifteen minutes of getting up this morning.

Enough updates for now. I need to go clean the house again and actually make it to the store to buy stamps. I am a bit on pins and needles this morning about these school situations but I need to let them go for now.


Courtney said...

The "F" word, I'm sure Noah didn't say...I hope the toys are retrieved & where did they manage to find the mascot and was an apology given? said...

I hope for you, that today will start some good things coming your way!
Maybe pumpkin, will be a nicer kitty now that all of the yuck is out of her and on the floor?
Let's pray for a great weekend!

Nina said...

Oh all of that has to be so tough... you are just showing me all the things that I will be facing in the near future. Ugh...

Good luck with the toys and hopefully it will all work itself out.

AZMom said...

Sounds like you have had a rough week. I am sorry to hear that. BB also gets accused of saying the F word even though he doesn't know what it is either.

Big hugs and check my blog for an award for you :-)