Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pumpkin Goes To School

I have mentioned so many times that Pumpkin is driving us nuts. He is destructive and mean to Minnie. There is rarely a time when I am on the computer that I don't hear Minnie hissing at Pumpkin because he is being a pain.

But he is also a beloved part of our family. How can you bring something into your home, love it, and then shoo it aside?

Aaron was determined to have Elmo in this picture when I took it

A few weeks ago, Noah asked if he could bring Pumpkin to school for his next show and tell. As luck would have it, his show and tell day fell on the same week that Aaron was Star Of The Week for his class. He has been waiting for it all year long. As Star of the Week, you are allowed to bring your pet to school.

So this week, Pumpkin logged quite a few travel miles.

On Tuesday, it was to Noah's first grade class.

First Noah sat in front to answer questions. I should have called Deb to ask how old Pumpkin was since I didn't remember when he was born and made a guess.

Then he carried him around in a circle to let every one pet him

But true to cat personality, Pumpkin preferred to roam on his own.

Look at this picture and tell me that Noah wouldn't be scarred for life if Pumpkin went away. He is cradling him just like a baby with the sweetest look on his face.

He was so proud the whole time.

The entire time, Aaron was pouting because HE didn't get to pet Pumpkin. It didn't matter that he gets to pet Pumpkin every day of his life, the fact that he didn't get any attention while Pumpkin was in Noah's class was quite upsetting for him.

Which is why it was good that the next day on Wednesday, it was Aaron's turn to bring Pumpkin to school.

I figured he would be so excited. And he was, when I walked in the door. He sat down in his special Star of the Week chair and started talking about Pumpkin.

Then he was determined to be the one to hold him.

That's when the trouble started.

Just like the previous day in Noah's class, Pumpkin didn't WANT to be held. He wanted to be off and exploring.

Aaron got so upset, actually embarrassed I think, and started crying shouting "I want to go home". He had so much trouble getting calmed down, the poor kid actually had to go sit at a table while I carried Pumpkin from kid to kid in order for them to pet him.

So it was not quite the best experience for Aaron, but it is also another little piece of the puzzle of why I am still struggling with the decision to pull him from preschool. But more on that another time.

So Pumpkin got two days in school. And he was VERY happy to get back home and be subjected to a bath by big sister Minnie when he returned.


Kristie said...

Our cats never get along either. I haven't figured out who the instigator is yet, though. Pumpkin definitely looks guilty sitting on your other cat!

Kila said...

Aww, how cool that he could go to school!

I've been wanting a kitty that looks just like him!

Shannon Donley said...

are you sure pumpkin isn't a mini mutant breed of tiger- he sure seems like he wants to wander around. I feel bad for Aaron. But maybe the other parts of Star of the Week will make him feel better. said...

My son sometimes acts like your cat pumpkin..I have expectations that I don't meet myself--
I totally understand!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Looks like Pumpkin had fun! Poor Aaron, it's hard when things don't work out like you want them to.

Timmy's Girl said...


How sweet your boys are. Think they have a loving Mama or what?! Noah looked like he was King for a Day, so proud. I have a friend that is also going through wondering if she should pull her son from preschool. Praying for wisdom for you both, ok?

Oh, and can I tell you that your comments just BLESS MY SOCKS OFF...and being a CALI girl, I don't wear socks, so I guess you bless my flip-flops off!

Hang in there sweet friend and I am just a call or email away!

xoxo, Veronica

bethn said...

Hey there. Our cats still fight occasionally, I usually just laugh when they chase each other around. But there was a time when I stressed everytime tucker and Kayla would fight that Tucker was going to hurt Kayla, but she never lets it go too far and I've found she starts it just as often as he does. Yeah for you for taking Pumpkin to school. I avoid that one whenever possible. Way too much of a pain.

Oh, and Noah's recipe looked very interesting.