Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Story Friday: Noah's Recipe

I am not the most adventurous mom out there. As a matter of fact on days when I am feeling down, like I was on Monday, I would prefer to curl up in a ball and wallow.

Which I did to a certain extent.

Noah came home from school Monday with an idea in mind. As anyone who knows my little boys will tell you, he is a true scientist, the way his mind works. It amazes me how much he loves to learn about how things work. On Friday last week when his class filled out a paper honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. they had to fill in THEIR dream. Noah's was to be a chemist to make medicine for people (with quite creative spelling I must say).

So that must have been on his mind when he saw me embedded in the couch and headed into the kitchen because he decided that he needed to cook something. I kind of blew off his request because I was in a very bad place and didn't feel like dealing with the mess.

I know...Bad Mommy!

But he headed into the kitchen anyway. I didn't really think he would do anything until Aaron came tattling "Mommy, Noah has eggs!"

Okay, apparently I am not going to be allowed to wallow and actually have to deal with this after all.

I realized this might be a teachable moment and told Noah that if he writes out a recipe and shows it to me, I would let him make it.

I had to alter it a little...

15 eggs became 1 egg

1 cup became a half cup.

Juice instead of jelly

A whisk would work better than a spoon

In goes the flour

In goes the soda (one of Steve's cans of Sprite)

After these, I decided to add a little bit four and some brown sugar, just to maybe spruce it up a little.

Then he wanted to taste it. The raw egg kind of worried me a little so I made another suggestion

Try the microwave

At which point little brother was totally jealous and needed to get in on the fun

It came out very hot but Noah was determined to convince me that he liked it

Never mind the messy counter in the background...I was having a very bad day.

Aaron had his own unique way of trying it. For some reason he was having a momentary evasion to using a spoon

Aaron gave it his thumbs up because he didn't want to admit how yucky he thought it was

But Noah finally decided to tell the truth

Are you wondering if I tried it?

The answer if yes, a little. It actually wasn't bad. I think the idea of adding sprite to add sweetness is intriguing. And I think maybe the oven to cook it for awhile before we try it.

As I was pouring it down the drain, Noah told me he wants to try another one the next day.

I am glad that I got my bum off the couch and let him try the experiment. Like I said at the start of this, I am not adventurous and unfortunately, I think I say "NO" way too often to these curious minds.

Who knows, maybe these experiments will lead to amazing undiscovered recipes that will become world famous. And you can all say you knew him when...

Have a great weekend.

P.S. Did ya notice the new curtains? We have a much warmer kitchen thanks to all of your encouragement last week.


Shannon Donley said...

I actually found a recipe that uses Mountain Dew! I'll have to give you the little book I got from the Food Program. It is a ton of kid friendly recipes. The curtains make the kitchen look a little bigger, I think. Happy Creating! We are going to Playworld today. See you there?

Timmy's Girl said...

You go girl, with your new curtains!!!

Umm, and no, not 'bad mommy', try 'real mommy' because I doubt there is a mother out there that hasn't gone through or will go through the same thing in life.

Noah is so blessed to have you! That you put yourself aside and gave him your undivided attention. I just learn from you everyday, girlfriend!!

xoxo, Veronica

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I did notice the curtains - very nice!

Wow, a chemist and a chef - Noah's definitely going to take the world by storm one day. :)

Tammy said...

That's neat! It may not have tasted the greatest, but it looks like he had fun making it!