Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Made A Bold Decision

I have pulled myself from Facebook.

Facebook started out as a fun tool to meet people whom I haven't talked to in many years.

I found the very few friends that I had in high school and really enjoyed getting to know them again.

Then people close to me joined.

Then I had so much fun talking to my family and keeping in touch with them. I felt very lucky that we had this quick way of keeping in touch.

Then I learned fun things about people that I hadn't known before.

Then some of my bloggy friends hooked up and it was fun to communicate with them in another way.

Then I connected with people I used to be friends with and started talking to them again.

Then my son begged me to not sit at the computer when he was home

Then we got a nasty virus that destroyed our entire computer.

Then people I love got hurt.

And so did I.

I am so glad that facebook is there for everyone who can be responsible in how they use it.

I am not one of those responsible people and made the decision to let it go.

I feel good about the decision.

Good bye friend. I will miss you.


My Wonderful Men said...

I have not tried face book. I heard the people can be a little harsh. What that means I'm not sure but I didn't want to find out so I stayed away.
Sorry it didn't go well for you.

Timmy's Girl said...

Another 'good for you, Kristi'. It takes a very disciplined person to know when to say when. This once again proves that you are a good Mom because you are putting your desires behind the needs and wants of your boys. I know that I have had many friends try and convince me to join, but I just know it would be a time stealer. If I already struggle with time, just to spend in the Word, how could I get on Facebook? Sure, some people can handle it, timewise, but I am NOT one of those people. Guess it is like credit cards...better to not get started if you have a doubt you would be able to hang. Proud of you!

xoxo, Veronica

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Your family is more important. I mostly use it just to update what I'm doing right now...kinda like twitter :) It's just that most of my friends and family is on there, so it's easier to update there

After Hours said...

I never wanted to do facebook either. I wasn't into myspace or any other friend site but a freind of mine wanted me to see the pics of her kids so I joined and saw the kids. A few months later a different friend from highschool found me and we reconnected over X-mas.

After x-mas it seems like people are coming out of the woodwork finding me or my husband thru me. The biggest complaint I get is why aren't there any pics of me or my kids....becuase I blog and can only handle one thing at a time.

My blog is only viewed by one close friend who also has a baby blog. I like to remain anonymous so I can express myself without reservation.
Facebook takes your life and shares it with the world. That's just a little bit too much for me.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I have contemplated dumping Facebook, too, but you should be very proud of yourself that you did what you had to do. Good for you!!

bethn said...

I haven't joined facebook and struggle with that when friends mention it. But if I have a hard time keeping up with my blog, do I really want something else stealing my time? I'm glad you feel good about your decision.

Shana W. said...

You know what Kristy, I LOVE YOUR HONESTY!!!

I think that I tend to spend to much on the computer too and my boys sometimes say are you still on the computer as well. I have been trying to be better about it lately, kind of a New Years resolution. :o)

I seem to be in the middle of all things social media right now. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Good for you to be strong and just say NO!!

Jennifer said...

Hey..good for you. I like that they send the comments to my inbox so I read them without ever logging on to facebook then if I have some extra "me time" I log on, comment back and apologize for being gone so long...don't EVER let yourself feel bad about your decisions that you know are best for you and your fam....those guys are way more important than anything else you have going on.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I already miss you on Facebook. :) Odd, huh!

I think you did a very brave and honest thing and should be really proud of yourself for being able to recognize and act on the need. All of this online social media is so addicting, as I well know.