Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Major To Do List (Updated)

I started this as a Tackle It Tuesday, but then I realized that it seemed to be growing into quite a large number. December, which is supposedly the Month for Peace always turns into hectic craziness instead. Wonderful craziness, but craziness nevertheless. I like this T13 graphic, simply because I like to think that Santa is checking MY to do list.

So while trying to gather my thoughts about everything that needs to be done in the next two weeks, I think I'll order them to help myself get things straightened out.
You're welcome to come along for the ride.

1. Aaron's Tubes (Again)
Found out on Tuesday that Aaron needs to get tubes again, in his right ear only this time. His evaluation by the speech therapist is supposed to happen any time now and now I need to postpone it until after the surgery. Waiting for the ENT to call me back for scheduling. This will be Aaron's 4th "surgery" with this ENT. No call from the ENT, but found out that he is NOT going to be recommended for speech therapy. I guess that is good.

2. Gingerbread House Construction at Aaron's Preschool
Today at 10:30. They actually "constructed" them yesterday but now will decorate them today. Pictures to follow I'm sure. It was very cute but Aaron ate more candy than made onto the house

3. Noah's Christmas "Concert" Tonight

I still don't understand why the music teacher has the kids SPEAK the words to Christmas
songs when it is just as easy to teach them to SING

4. Friday Night Shopping
Stockpiling coupons that I have received for the last two weeks and Deb and I will be out on the town again tomorrow night. Hopefully getting the rest of the stocking stuff done.

5. Family Christmas Saturday

Presents wrapped and ready, thankfully
. It looks like the weather will be perfct for sledding and safe driving for my brother's family.

6. Three Bell rehearsals next week

Sunday morning bell practice, Wednesday night bells with choir, Saturday morning bells
with choir AND members from the Grand Rapids Symphony.

7. Cherub Choir (including Noah) performing this Sunday

Hopefully, they will remember words and play their bells at the right time, but will look cute no matter what happens

8. Aaron's School Christmas Party Next Thursday

I'm supposed to supply something, but I don't remember what

9. Noah's School Christmas party Next Friday

Need to make pretzel treats and buy present for little girl in his class as an exchange gift

10. Craft Day with Deb's Kids

Need to get the ingredients to make salt dough ornaments and the boys today told me that they want to make gingerbread houses too so gotta get stuff for that (can you get some candy, Deb?)

11. Big Bell, Choir, Symphony Extravaganza on Sunday the 21st

Pray for me...

12. 12th Wedding anniversary on the 21st also

We can actually celebrate it now since Steve's Family Christmas has been mysteriously

13. Christmas Eve Service

Our family is lighting the advent candles so we need to teach the boys their parts, Noah is
going to be a shepherd in the pageant, but chimes are no longer playing, so that's one stress gone.

UGHHHH!!!!! I ran out of number and I haven't even made it to Christmas day! I guess it will have to continue next week. Happy Thursday, Everyone.


Shannon H. said...

Good luck to Aaron with the surgery.

jeannie said...

I always feel like the month of Dec. is just to full of things to do...
Hope everything goes very smoothly for ya....
Happy T13
Thanks for stopping by

Courtney said...

Wow, you will be busy, busy, busy. I hope all of it goes smoothly for you and that is weird that it was mysteriously cancelled.

kandyblossom said...

Oh my! Your list of things to do sounds very much like mine.

We decided to skip the gingerbread houses this year and made homemade cinnamon/applesauce ornaments instead.

Good luck withthe surgery.

Tammy said...

Wow, you are very busy.

After Hours said...

You sound awfully busy...maybe Santa can lighten you load!

Enjoy your kids- they are only young once!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

For once, I'm actually feeling less stress - no work parties, and only Hannah's program at school next week. My big thing right now is to get Christmas cards out though, ugh.

Gingerbread houses, huh. That sounds like fun, I think. I can get candy - do we need anything else? We can talk more tomorrow night, I guess. :)