Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Not quite wordless today, but pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

My husband is normally quite a handsome man. Cute smile, great hair. I even love the mole on the end of his nose. And I love that his second born son is the spitting image of him.

He had quite a bit of hair when I met him 16 years ago.

Not to say anything about the quality of our marriage (LOL) but his hair has receded quite a bit in the 14 years we have been together.

But he has ALWAYS been very particular about his hair style. He likes it short, and gets quite grumpy if it gets long enough to touch his ears.

I like that he cares about his appearance. It was one of the numerous things that I liked about him before I really even got to know him.

But this week has a been a very strenuous week financially (as have they all) and I told him that he would have to wait until Friday to get a hair cut. Not because I'm the boss, just because I know exactly where every penny needs to go between now and Christmas in order to try to get December's mortage paid before January 1st.

He has a hair clipping kit that he has been nagging me for weeks to use on his head. He trusted me, but I didn't and I flat out REFUSED.

Then I got a call at work tonight.

"Uh, Kristi, I couldn't wait."


"I tried to cut my hair but I couldn't reach some spots."


But sadly, it was true. I wish I had taken a picture of the head I found when I got home, but I didn't want to have it embedded in my memory forever, although it would have made the blogging story much more effective.

So NOW I had no choice but to try to see this through. Let me show you the back after my attempts at fixing:

I actually think it turned out okay.

Now brace yourself......

There was so salvaging the top and front...it was too far gone and my only choice was to keep on going and know that it will grow back.

Maybe we can transplant some from his chest

Let's chant this together...


Am I convinced yet?

We were going to go get family portraits for Christmas. I think we will now wait until Valentines Day.

Doesn't he have a cute smile, though?

Have you ever cut the hair in your family? Do you have any tips, since he is crazy enough to believe that I could do it again?


www.frogparenting.blogspot.com said...

I don't think he looks bad at all-- but then I like short hair on men.--
I recently "cut" my son's hair.. because is was just annoying me ~ we also were waiting for payday--
This Friday, he's getting it fixed! It would of been easier to use the clippers, but my son is DEAD set against clippers--so I was left with scissors-- he has thick straight hair-- I'm not messing with his hair again...and I am willing to put that in writing!
I think he looks fine... honest!

bethn said...

Mark would love that haircut. He loves it really short as do both boys. I have now cut Alex's hair twice and Dylan is declaring that mommy has to cut his hair from now on. It was easier the second time. And now it's not so scary and certainly cheaper. Steve's hair looks just fine.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ron's the same way - he can't stand to have his hair touching his ears either.

I don't think it looks bad - just short. :) And it will grow back!

I've cut Abby's hair for the past year or so - hers is easy though since it's straight. I don't trust myself to cut Hannah's hair and Becca hardly needs a haircut yet.

Liberty said...

RYC: That is a really good idea about having him write a letter.

Jennifer said...

I don't think it looks bad AT ALL...and yes, cute smile! My boys all get their first hair cut from my Nana (for the scrapbook) but I've always cut their hair and I normally cut my husbands too but now he cuts it (with clippers) himself and I do the back for him. check out the flowbee (www.flowbee.com I think) I use it on the boys...can't cut them and there's NO mess...I do use scissors and clippers around their ears and neckline but flowbee is the way to go! Good job, Momma.

Tammy said...

I think you did a good job! I cut my families hair and mine. It takes practice, but it does save money doing it myself.

Dad of Divas said...

It looks great! I was expecting something more like your bro! J-Mom has been cutting my hair for years and it does save some $$$$. I would say that if you are going to continue invest in some hair clippers as it will make your job a lot easier.

Courtney said...

LOL...It will grow back! Thankfully my hubby has always cut his own so I don't have to worry about it too much or worry about the cost.

MamaBear said...

I cut PapaBear's hair - have for years. I buzz it so it's not complicated. I used to do BrotherBear's until I started growing it longer - that I can't handle.

I say go ahead and take the family picture :)

Timmy's Girl said...

Seriously, YOU crack me up!!!!

I have 6 people in my family that would NEVER trust me with any kind of cutting tool near their head. Even the littlest seems to know that I should not be trusted. Wish they would let me, as it would save us sooo much $$. Especially since 5 out of the 6 heads are boys. It gets so expensive each month.

BTW, your hubby is a cutie. I think his hair looks so nice short! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Actually, I kind of like it!

Shana W. said...

I think it looks good!

I cut all three of the boys hair. I put on the #3 guard and buzz away. I then trim the ears and necks with Josh's trimmer with no guard. I have become pretty good at it and I have saved LOTS of money! :o)

My tip is to oil the blades to the clippers and trimmer after each use. If I forget it pulls their hair the next time around.