Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Story Friday: Anyone Want A Kitten?

He's cute, really



This USED to be shower curtain before my shower this morning

So, you still want a kitten?

Me either.

Why can't he behave like his big sister?

Unfortunately, he's become a beloved member of the household.

But I still have to go buy a new shower curtain and living room blinds.

Have a great weekend and come back and share on Monday.


Dad of Divas said...

One Word - declaw!!!

Courtney said...

I was going to say the same thing as Dad of Divas! That is ridiculous! said...

I love cats, however--
What about, a little duct tape on the claws?

Just kidding--

Kila said...

Oh no!

I thought my boys were destructive!

My middle son has been begging/crying/pleading for a cat for years, but my DH does not like cats.

The Bumbles said...

Our kittens knocked over the X-Mas Tree this week and broke about 5 ornaments. They have also been known to shred the guest bath shower curtain and all toilet paper rolls available. The poinsetta barely survived a de-potting effort on their part (don't worry - they didn't eat the poinsonous leaves). They will outgrow their curiousity for all things bad - the water squirt bottle is our only defense until then!

Tammy said...