Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Top Five June 16 2013

Wow, missed quite a few weekend to fives. I guess i kind of got off whack when we went to Florida and never quite got back on.

Friday Steve was gone for a barbershop show so the boys and I just hung out and read more of Matilda. I had a massive and horrible headahce every day this weekend so I will be seeing a doctor soon for that.

Saturday, Steve took the boys to the Saturday slip and slide that they went to last year. Noah found an eighth grader who was into pokemon so I guess they spent the entire time sitting and talking about it (grrrr). Aaron, as to be expected, spent the entire time in the dunk tank and loved every moment. Steve fell and hurt his foot so that pretty much did him in.

Meanwhile, I headed out to my team teacher's baby shower. Interesting for sure.

Sunday was Father's Day. Since we got to church on Monday nights in the summer it was good to sleep in for awhile. Steve knew of an old movie theater south from here that shows new run movies at low prices and wanted to go check it out so we went for a road trip to Plainwell after lunch at Moe's, everyone's favorite eat out place.  We saw Epic in the theater and then we went downtown Plainwell to Dean's Ice Cream for ice cream and a walk aong the river. A very relaxed and fun little road trip.

We came home to no power and a run away dog, just to make the evening interesting and got the boys to bed early.

I added to my nightly walk/run and did a two mile loop Sunday night.

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