Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Strange Happenings

With my "baby" finishing up elementary school this week, I got quite nostalgic the other night. I started blogging the year that at Noah entered kindergarten, both because I needed an outlet to a very stressful start of schooling for him and also because a friend on min told me I have lots of strange stories to share.

So fast forward six years and  my teaching partner and I have been chatting/ laughing about some funny or strange happenings during the five months that we've been working together. I am writing them here just as a way to remember...

1. What Happened To The Fish???
Aaron was sad earlier this year that Noah always has named all of our pets and he wanted one of his own. After some discussion, twp danio fish, named Leopard and Jaguar, joined the Wheelz Family.  For a short while, Aaron did okay with feeding them but then, as predicted, forgetfulness set in. So our fish friends were then moved to a common area in the house so we could all work together to keep them fed.

A few weeks into the venture I was shocked that they were still alive, since I've killed every fish I've ever had quite quickly. Then, one morning on the way OUT THE DOOR, I heard water dripping and sure enough, there was a leak in the tank.

As we were leaving for school. I quickly grabbed a big bowl, filled it with new fish water (that I kept in a jug for this purpose), moved the fish to the bowl, locked them in the bedroom where they would be safe from Minnie Cat,  and set off for the day.

After picking up the boys from school, I figured we were going to need some new food and other supplies for the fish before we went home to fix the situation. So we stopped for those items..

When we got home, I went in to check on our fish friends. The first thing I noticed was that there were NO FISH in the bowl. Upon looking further, I found ONE of the fish bodies dried crusty and stuck on the floor.

Here's the kicker...the other one has never been found

Now, this story has evolved into a "Finding Nemo" scenario that had poor Leopard and Jaguar jumping to their freedom. We are two sick preschool teachers, huh?

2. Strange Maladies in the Wheelz Home
We've had two recently...

A. Sting?
Everyone gets stung by bees, right? Well apparently, only I have the talent to turn a sting into a medical mystery. As we were driving home from the park awhile ago, I suddenly had extreme pain in my side and I was sure it was a sting by the feeling. It hurt so bad that I actually had to pull over and no one ever saw what it was that got me.

The welt grew and grew and grew for over a week when I finally had to see a doctor and take antibiotics for it.  About a month and half later, there is still a red blotch in that area and a scab about a quarter inch across...crazy

B. Puff Eyed Boy
Aaron seems to have allergies and they only seem to show up beginning of May each year. This is the second year that it has happened but definitely worse in degree (and it is still going on at this writing).

The poor kid doesn't just have "allergies". The kid's eye (always the left) blows up, turns purple, oozes all king of nastiness and eventually sticks closed. We get sopped everywhere wondering how he "got the shiner".

If I mention, yeah my kid has allergies, then everyone just says, "yeah, it's bad this year." But then if I share some pictures, it become "OMG!".

So after a blood draw at the second Dr appt in a week, we will hopefully get some answers but for now the poor kid is being drugged up a storm to try to get him normal before we leave for vacation this weekend.

(Aaron got a hold of my camera and was fascinated with taking pictures of his disgusting eye)

Follow up...Aaron is allergic to elm, birch, maple and oak trees.

Yes, weird things happen to us. But we always have fun stories to tell as they evolve so that's good.

You always need a good story to tell, right?

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